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How often do I have to change my password and why do I need to change it?

You are required to change your SUeID password every 180 days.  Why?

Passwords are an important aspect of computer security. They are the front line of protection for your accounts including WebMail, WebAdvisor, Segue, and your SU Pirate Card. At best, an insecure password may compromise a single user's data, and at worst it may compromise the entire system. Changing a password periodically helps keep outsiders from guessing your password and having long-term access to your accounts and the SU network.

Secure passwords help protect both your computer and your accounts (i.e. online banking, e-mail, Helios, WebAdvisor etc.). It is very important that you have secure passwords for every account on your computer as well as for all of your accounts. Without a secure password on your computer, you are inviting hackers to set up shop on your computer. Once hackers have access to your computer, they can use it for all sorts of things without you ever realizing it. Here are some good password tips to follow to help keep your passwords secure.
  • Keep your password(s) to yourself - Never give your password to anyone, including your mom, roommate, boyfriend, etc. Avoid writing it down at all, and if you do, keep it in a secure place (hint: hanging a yellow post-it note on your monitor in your dorm room is not a secure place), and destroy it after you have memorized it.
  • Use hard-to-crack password - Hackers can figure out people's passwords by plugging in all the words in a dictionary to see if there is a match. So, don't use dictionary words! Use words not found in the dictionary and include numerals in the word.
  • Periodically change your password - Using the same password over a long period of time increases the chance of it becoming cracked. You should change your passwords every 30-60 days. Your SUeID password must be changed every 180 days.