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My inbox has tons of "Substytem mail deliver error" or "Returned to sender, mail deliver error" messages. What can I do?

Most likely the messages in your inbox are notifications of mail delivery attempts that failed. What happened is that some spammer used your address as the "From:" field (return address) of the spam that he/she sent to the Internet.

Your computer does not have a virus. The cause of this problem is external to you.

Usually these messages stop on their own after 3-7 days. Unfortunately, until that happens there's not much that you can do. If the messages continue after a week goes by, it could be that the spammer is continuing to use your address. This would be unusual but could happen and might lead us to change your e-mail address which would be an inconvenience for you and the people that send you mail.

Hang in there for another 5 days or so and if the problem persists, please contact the Help Desk at x7333 [512-819-7333] or send an email to