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NEW-Challenge Questions for forgotten passwords.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a new mechanism that will allow you to reset your password from any Internet ready computer on or off campus.

To use the self-service "forgot password?" page, five challenge questions must be selected and answered IN ADVANCE. The answers are not case-sensitive (capitalization does not matter), but any punctuation used does need to be remembered. It is very important that
you provide answers that only you know and that are not easily guessed by somebody else.

If you forget your password, you will be asked for your University ID # (Pirate Card #) and then the self-service system will present you
with 3 randomly selected challenge questions from the pool of 5 that you set up previously. After you have answered the three questions correctly, you will be able to reset your password.

To get started setting up your challenge-response questions, with your current SUeID and password. The questions only need to be answered once, but you can re-answer them anytime you like.  There is no way to see the current saved answers.