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How do I forward my Southwestern email to another account?

You can forward [send] mail you receive to your Southwestern email account to another email account. To do so, perform the following steps:

1.  Open a browser to
2.  Login with your SUeID and Password.
3.  Click on the WebMail tab.
4.  If the Mail section on the left pane is not expanded, click on the + [plus] next to Mail.
5. Select Forwards.

6. Fill out the appropriate information in the forwarding email window

  • Set/install a forward to: is the complete email address where you would like your campus email forwarded.
  • Checking Keep a copy in your local mailbox? will keep a copy of all your forwarded email in your Southwestern email account.  This could accumulate quite a bit of mail and cause you to go over your quota so thus is is not recommended to turn on this feature.
  • The third option, Unset/remove a forward, is if you already have a forward in place and and want to remove it which will halt the forwarding of your mail.
7. When you are finished, enter your password and click Submit.