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Gradekeeper - software to track grades - free for use at Southwestern

Gradekeeper software allows you to enter, compute and keep track of grades. The software has been licensed for the campus community for faculty, staff and students. The application is available for Macs, Windows, Palm OS and Pocket PC. To download the software, go to:
http ://
  • SU License Name is: Southwestern University
  • SU License Code is: 502729
Some of the features the software provides:
  • email student's grades that includes the grade and details of each assignment/quiz/test
  • define grade categories with different points assignments
  • attendance tracking
  • various summary reports
Note: The default semester/quarter setup is for a 4 quarter year. Before entering in grades, set the School Year preferences by choosing Gradebook Options from the Gradebook menu and enter the information for the various times.
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