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How Do I Set an I'm Away Message on My Voicemail?

If you are interested in setting a different voice mail message to notify callers that you will be out of the office, off campus on vacation or for an extended time, begin by dialing 2222 from any campus phone to access voicemail.

  1. Dial 2222
  2. Press * [star]
  3. Enter your phone extension [last four digits] and press #
  4. Enter your phone password
  5. Press 4 for Setup Options
  6. Press 1 for Greetings and Transfer Settings
  7. Press 1 to Change Greetings
  8. Press 2 to turn on Alternate Greeting
  9. Press 1 to Rerecord this Greetings
  10. Follow the remaining voice prompt steps to record and use your alternate greeting.
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