Video Production

Audiovisual Services offers varying degrees of assistance for video production.



Camcorder/Equipment Loan

  1. Camcorders, tripods, microphones and lighting equipment are available at no charge from Audiovisual Services for short term loan to Southwestern University students, faculty, and staff. Audiovisual Services generally does not provide operators for camcorders.
  2. University owned video equipment may be used for class video projects, campus organization video projects, documentation of course or organization activities, documentation of research, documentation of campus events, and for personal video recordings made on campus.
  3. Loans must be reserved in advance by using the Online Equipment Reservations form or by calling the Infodesk at x7333 or (512) 819-7333. Equipment must be picked up at the Smith Library Center’s InfoDesk on the first floor. A valid Southwestern University ID is required to check out a camcorder.
  4. Camcorders are generally checked out for a maximum of 72 hours.  During periods of high camcorder demand, such as the last four weeks of each semester, maximum loan time may be reduced to 24 hours.
  5. Camcorders must be returned to the Smith Library Center InfoDesk on or before the specified return date and time. Failure to return a camcorder on time will result in a rental charge of $10.00 per day until the camcorder is returned.
  6. Students, faculty, and staff who check out university owned camcorders are responsible for the camcorder. By signing the loan form, the borrower agrees to reimburse Southwestern University for the cost of the camcorder if it is lost or stolen. The borrower also agrees to reimburse the university for the cost of repairs to the camcorder made necessary by negligence or mishandling.
  7. Audiovisual Services generally does not provide blank tapes for camcorders.



Video Editing

  1. Video editing services are available to the Southwestern University campus community, including students, faculty, and staff. Audiovisual Services cannot provide video editing services for off campus projects.
  2. All video editing is subject to the Center for Social Media: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries.
  3. All video editing sessions must be scheduled well before project deadlines to ensure that adequate time is allocated to complete the project in a professional manner.
  4. Please contact the Video Specialist for more information.



Event Video Production

  1. Audiovisual Services provides video production services for Southwestern University faculty and staff. Professional video production staff and high-quality digital equipment are available at no charge to record campus lectures, presentations, and other events.
  2. The person requesting the event video production must secure a written video recording release from the speaker(s).
  3. One DVD or VHS tape is provided at no charge for use in the Library. Additional copies can be made. Please see AV Service’s Audio and Video Duplication page for more information.
  4. Videotapes or DVDs of campus events can be made available on library reserve, placed in the library collection, or delivered to individuals on campus.
  5. Faculty and staff may request video recording of campus events by calling the Coordinator of Audiovisual Services at x1566 or (512) 863-1566. Substantial advance notice is appreciated.  


Video Program Production

Audiovisual Services also has the capability of producing short video programs for Southwestern University faculty and staff. These programs may take many forms, but are generally used to support the academic and student enrichment activities of the campus.

Staff limitations govern the amount of time available for video program production. Since the video production process can consume substantial amounts of time, we require that all productions be thoroughly planned, and that productions be scheduled well in advance of need for the completed video.

Please contact the Coordinator of Audiovisual Services at x1566 or (512) 863-1566 to discuss your video production needs.