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Ethical Conduct Statement and Whistleblower Policy



It is Southwestern University’s longstanding practice to expect and maintain the highest standard of business and ethical conduct.  This Statement encompasses compliance with all laws, regulations, and University policies.  It is also a University expectation for all its constituents as it relates to the many aspects of the respective academic and administrative work performed, as well as the University’s operations, goals and principles.

This Statement is intended to augment, generally summarize and emphasize the University’s commitment to ensure such conduct consistent with this Statement.  It is consistent with existing University policies, practices, and statements, including without limitation, those relating to: 1) respect for all individuals and property; 2) academic freedom; 3) maintaining a culture of trust, credibility and open communication; 4) avoiding conflicts or other activity that would impair or violate the University’s high standards and goals; and, 5) protecting the University’s uncompromising values.  This Statement applies to evidence of a person being verbally, physically or sexually abusive to another person, including acts relating to sexual misconduct.  This Statement is also intended to be used as a guide in all situations that may not currently be covered by an existing policy or for the implementation of additional future policies.

These policies and standards are, in part, enforced by our Whistleblower Policy and Confidential Hotline process and apply to all members of the Southwestern community.  Any violation will result in the appropriate disciplinary action being taken.  For more information, you may contact the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, the Provost, the Dean of the Faculty,  the Vice President for Student Life, or the Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life.

Updated September, 2014



Policy.  Southwestern University requires all faculty, staff, and students to observe the highest of business and ethical standards and to comply with all laws, regulations, policies and practices in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.  Guidance for this requirement is provided in the University’s Ethics, Personal Conduct, and Business Conduct Statement, the University’s various policies and procedures, and Southwestern’s longstanding commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence in everything we do.

Additionally, should a student, faculty or staff member suspect or have evidence of a person being verbally, physically or sexually abusive to another person, including acts relating to sexual misconduct, the Whistleblower Policy and Confidential Campus Hotline will apply in these circumstances.

It is the responsibility of all concerned to comply with these standards and to report violations or suspected violations.  No person who in good faith reports a violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment or education-related consequences.  Any member of the University community who retaliates against someone for reporting a violation in good faith will be subject to discipline (up to and including termination for employees) as set forth herein and in the Faculty, Staff, and Student Handbooks.  All reports are expected to be made in good faith with a reasonable expectation that a violation has occurred.  However, reports which prove to have been made maliciously or knowingly to be false will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense.

Confidential Hotline.  Violations or suspected violations may be reported on a confidential basis by the complainant or may be submitted anonymously.  In an effort to provide a confidential method for any member of the University community to report suspected improprieties related to illegal, dishonest or unethical conduct and standards, including without limitation, those relating to financial, accounting, and auditing related issues, and those relating to sexual misconduct and abusive acts, the University has implemented the confidential Campus Conduct Hotline©, 1-866-943-5787, through a third-party administrator.  Confidential reports received by the third-party administrator will be forwarded to the University’s Chief Human Resources Officer for appropriate investigation and action.  For more information on the hotline, contact the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

Updated September, 2014