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Staff Suggestion Box

The Staff Steering Committee (SSC) would like your constructive suggestions. Please complete the form below and campus mail to: “Staff Suggestion Box”

Purpose: SSC is committed to improving the quality of working life for employees of the University and to building a sense of community among support staff, faculty, administrators, and students. The purpose of the SSC is to act as a vehicle for effective communication between staff and the administration and to enhance awareness and to promote involvement in matters of policy and action that affect staff.

Eligibility: All current staff members at Southwestern University are eligible to submit suggestions to the Staff Suggestion Box. Anonymous suggestions will not be considered.

Guidelines: Suggestions that fall into the following areas will be taken into consideration:

  • improve working conditions with regards to safety
  • improve communication between staff and the administration
  • improve procedures, productivity or efficiency
  • reduce cost, energy savings
  • implement one of the Core Values in a significant way

Please be very specific when explaining the nature of your suggestion. Suggestions should not be made for things which are considered normal departmental responsibilities. SSC is not a forum for personal grievances.