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The Southwestern Fund

Your gift, of any size, makes a real difference!

What is The Southwestern Fund?

The Southwestern Fund provides vital support for student scholarship, faculty development, the library, technology in the classroom and other priority needs on Southwestern’s campus. The fund is unrestricted so gifts may be used where they will benefit students and faculty in the most significant and most immediate way.

Why support The Southwestern Fund?

  • Benefits Southwestern Now - The Southwestern Fund provides the best vehicle for small to mid-level gifts. A gift of $100 to The Southwestern Fund approximately equals a $2,000 gift to the endowment. For example, a $100 gift to the endowment would only net $5/year, but that same gift to The Southwestern Fund allows us to use the whole amount to support the University immediately.
  • Participation Counts - Your gift is also valuable in Southwestern’s measure of alumni participation. A strong tradition of alumni philanthropy helps Southwestern remain nationally competitive and attracts additional outside funding for things like new programs, faculty resources, and student scholarships. Every gift matters.

How is money raised for The Southwestern Fund?

Funds are raised through direct donations from alumni and other friends of the University and also via other programs.

  • Pirate Outreach Program - Each year a group of students spends the evening calling alumni, parents and friends of the University to raise money for Southwestern students and faculty. Please take a moment to speak with a Student Development Associate and hear more about the Southwestern Experience.
  • Class Agents - Alumni volunteers take part in raising over $100,000 each year from their classmates. Southwestern University is extremely grateful to the more than eighty volunteers who write personal letters.
  • Class Giving - Helps current students understand the importance of giving to Southwestern while still on campus.
  • Direct Communication - Throughout the year we send solicitations through standard mail as well as email.

Every Gift Matters

For more information on making an annual gift to Southwestern, contact Melissa Miller or make a gift today, on-line, via our secure server.