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Transfer Instructions

For Securities Held In Custody With Brokerage Firm or Bank

If your stock is held in custody with a brokerage firm or bank trust department, you can make a direct transfer of the securities from the custodian firm or bank to Southwestern’s account at Regions Bank/Trust Group. You should instruct the holding institution to make a direct transfer, known as a “DTC” with the following instructions.

Please deliver/transfer _______shares of ______________________________(name and
symbol) from my account with _________________________________ (brokerage firm),
account number _________________________________to :

  • DTC #971
  • Agent Bank #17695
  • For further credit to: Southwestern University Acct # 7050000767
  • Attn: Dawn Blaeuer, Senior Vice President, Regions Bank, (205) 420-5541

Please notify Southwestern University’s Development Office at 1-800-960-6363, extension 1482, of the transfer of stock, name of stock and number of shares transferred and indicate how your gift is to be used (example: scholarships, buildings, or as an annual gift). This will enable the University to acknowledge a gift promptly and respect any restrictions or preferences you may have for the use of the gift.



The value of a securities gift is the median of the high and low market price of the stock or bond on the date of your gift. You are entitled to deduct the gift value of securities for up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. (The maximum allowable deduction for all charitable contributions in any given year is limited to 50 percent of an individual’s adjusted gross income.) Any excess can be carried over for an additional five years.