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Gift Acceptance Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be used by the Board of Trustees to evaluate prospective gifts. In its discretion, the Board may depart from one or more of these guidelines based on the circumstances of a particular gift, and the Board retains its right to refuse any gift.

  1. Gifts will not be accepted where there is no charitable intent on the part of the donor.
  2. Unless otherwise negotiated, gifts of property will be converted into cash at the earliest opportunity keeping in mind current market conditions and the use of the property in the accomplishment of the mission of Southwestern University.
  3. Southwestern University will not, in most cases, assume any indebtedness in connection with a gift. Exceptions to the contrary must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  4. If property is encumbered by indebtedness, the donor will, in most cases, be requested to provide for the payment of carrying costs until the property is liquidated.
  5. Gifts will not be accepted where Southwestern University would be exposed to material or personal liabilities as owners of the property.
  6. Southwestern University will not enter into Limited Partnership agreements.
  7. Contributions should support and enhance the mission and purpose of Southwestern University. Contributions which subject the University to burdensome or unusual restrictions will not be accepted.
  8. Gifts will not be accepted under circumstances where, in the opinion of its tax advisers, Southwestern University would become subject to the tax on unrelated business income or unrelated debt-financed income.
  9. Donors of property gifts of over $5,000 (except for gifts of publicly traded stock) must obtain an appraisal by an independent, third party, licensed appraiser in accordance with current tax law requirements.
  10. Associated expenses with the conveyance of a gift made to Southwestern University are to be borne by the donor.
  11. All gifts of life insurance must comply with applicable Southwestern University Guidelines for Gifts of Insurance.
  12. Southwestern University will assume that donors rely on their own personal advisers for tax, legal, financial, and other advice concerning their gifts. A letter of understanding from a donor for a property gift, along with proof of outside advice from counsel, may be required before such a gift will be accepted.

Review full Gift Acceptance Policies.