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Donor Bill of Rights

These are your rights as a donor to Southwestern.

  1. Donors can expect that gifts will be proposed and consummated in the spirit of philanthropy. The gift intent of each donor will be the primary guide for all recommendations.
  2. Donors have the right to receive, upon request, reliable financial information from Southwestern University.
  3. Donors will be informed of all fees being paid to third party sources involved in either soliciting or implementing a specific proposed gift.
  4. Donors are encouraged to seek independent advice and counsel when making property or split interest gifts.
  5. Donors can expect to receive all gift options available, not one-sided recommendations.
  6. Donors have the right to choose the beneficiaries and purposes for each gift. However, Southwestern University retains the right to choose individual beneficiaries of the donor's largesse, e.g., selection of scholarship recipients, endowed faculty appointments, etc.
  7. Donors have the right to be informed of the portion of their gift being used to carry out Southwestern University's exempt purposes.
  8. Donors have the right to expect that gift proposals should work in the manner proposed.
  9. Donors have the right of disclosure concerning any known conflicts of interest surrounding gift proposals.
  10. Donors have the right to know that all major gift proposals will take into account the impact that such a gift may have on their stated personal financial and estate planning goals.
  11. Donors have the right to expect that tax information provided is reasonable and reliable.
  12. Donors should expect that their gift will have follow-up consistent with that proposed or agreed upon by Southwestern University. Such follow-up will include proper financial accounting when appropriate.