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Recent Gifts and Grants

Foundation supporters provide essential gifts for key initiatives at Southwestern.


Texas United Methodist College Association  $67,883  February 2014

  • The Texas United Methodist College Association gave $67,883 for the Southwestern Fund for Scholarships.  This distribution from TUMCA increases the organization’s total commitment to $109,248 for the year.

Newby Memorial Student Loan Fund   $19,150  January 2014

  • A gift of $19,150 was received in support of the Newby Memorial Student Loan Fund.

Husch Blackwell, LLP  $10,000  January 2014

  • The firm of Husch Blackwell, LLP sent its first $10,000 pledge payment toward a $50,000 pledge to honor alumnus and Trustee, Bob Dupuy.

The M.D. Anderson Foundation  $50,000  December 2013

  • The M.D. Anderson Foundation granted $50,000 to the new science center.

The McCombs Foundation  $305,000  December 2013

  • The McCombs Foundation made pledge payments toward current commitments: $50,000 to the football program, $250,00 to the Thinking Ahead Campaign, and $5,000 to the Schrum Paideia Fund.

The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation  $80,000 December 2013

  • The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation granted $80,000 for the Sumners Scholarship program.



  • An alumnus in San Antonio contributed $50,000 to the J. Charles Merrill Peace and Justice Endowed Scholarship. February 2014 
  • An alumna in Fort Worth gave appreciated securities valued at approximately $100,000 for the Southwestern Fund for Scholarships. February 2014
  • An alumnus from Houston contributed $20,000 toward a $100,000 pledge to the Coach Jim Mallon Baseball Field House. February 2014
  • A friend of President Burger’s made a pledge payment of $25,000 toward a $100,000 commitment to Southwestern. January 2014
  • Parents of a current student issued a challenge to other parents in December and offered to add $200 to each new gift from current parents. The challenge raised over $70,000 and attracted gifts from 292 parents.   December 2013
  • A current parent from New York contributed $10,000 to the Southwestern Fund.   December 2013
  • An alumni couple, one of whom is also a trustee, from Houston made their initial $25,000 pledge payment toward their total pledge of $100,000 to the new science center.   December 2013
  • An alumni couple in Colorado gave $10,000 to the Rundell-Bell Endowed Scholarship fund and $750 to the Jesse Purdy Endowed Fund.   December 2013