The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

What Alumni Are Doing Right Now

  • Laurence Musgrove ’76 has published a book titled “Local Bird.(SU major in English)

  • Michael Gagliardo ’98 is now an associate professor of mathematics at California Lutheran University(SU major in Mathematics)

  • Jimmy Stanton ’96 has been named the Vice President of Communications for the Tennessee Titans in the National Football League. (SU major in Political Science)

  • Jim Wilson ’69 was named the 2014 Georgetown Citizen of the Year by the Fidelis Publishing Group.

  • Dr. Ann Brashear Stutes ’84 is the dean of Wayland Baptist University School of Music. The Plainview Cultural Arts Council presented her with the 2015 Silver Star Award(SU major in Music)

  • Susannah Prucka ’03 was recognized by the United Way of Central Maryland with the 2015 Philanthropic 5 Award, which recognizes professional community leaders who have made extraordinary commitments of leadership, volunteerism, mentoring and philanthropy to central Maryland’s non-profit community. (SU Major in Political Science)

  • Anji Boswell ’87 was named the associate dean of the Matt Locke Ellis College of Arts and Sciences at Henderson State University. (SU Major in English) 

  • Dr. Ray Page ’84 is now the representative to the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates. In his new role he will participate in all health care-related resolutions that come out of the AMA, which often lead to governmental policy. (SU major in Chemistry)