The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

What Alumni Are Doing Right Now

  • Susannah Prucka ’03 was recognized by the United Way of Central Maryland with the 2015 Philanthropic 5 Award, which recognizes professional community leaders who have made extraordinary commitments of leadership, volunteerism, mentoring and philanthropy to central Maryland’s non-profit community. (SU Major in Political Science)

  • Liz Guillory Medina ’97 became the Dean of Students at Concordia University Texas in August 2014. (SU majors in Sociology and Psychology)
  • Laurence Musgrove ’76 has published a book titled “Local Bird.(SU major in English)

  • Judy Albright Griscom ’91 was present the New Braunfels Independent School District prestigious Lamar Award, which honors one educator each year. She was also recognized as the Walnut Springs Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2014-15. (SU major in Child Study/Language Development)

  • Jim Wilson ’69 was named the 2014 Georgetown Citizen of the Year by the Fidelis Publishing Group.

  • Dr. Ann Brashear Stutes ’84 is the dean of Wayland Baptist University School of Music. The Plainview Cultural Arts Council presented her with the 2015 Silver Star Award(SU major in Music)

  • Amy Hasty Hay ’96 is the Vice President for Business Development at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. (SU Major in Psychology)

  • Monica Maldonado Williams ’92 was named the 2015 Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award recipient by the Women Communicators of Austin.

  • Richard Heyduck ’83 was named Exemplary Faculty Person of the Year (2014-2015) at Wiley College, were he serves as assistant professor of religion. (SU Major in History)

  • Larry Haynes ’72 formally welcomed the Southwestern University Class of 2015 into The Association of Southwestern University Alumni. The title of his Commencement speech was “Gifts.”  (SU major in Accounting)

  • Jimmy Stanton ’96 has been named the Vice President of Communications for the Tennessee Titans in the National Football League. (SU major in Political Science)

  • Dr. Guy Nicolette ’87 has been named as the new director of the University of Florida Student Health Care Center(SU major in Biology)
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  • Anji Boswell ’87 was named the associate dean of the Matt Locke Ellis College of Arts and Sciences at Henderson State University. (SU Major in English) 

  • Dr. Ray Page ’84 is now the representative to the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates. In his new role he will participate in all health care-related resolutions that come out of the AMA, which often lead to governmental policy. (SU major in Chemistry)