The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

Homecoming FAQs 2015

OCTOBER 16-18, 2015

To assist you with your planning and answer some questions you might have about Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, we have created this list. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of University Relations - Alumni and Parents at 800.960.6363. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time).


Why has the date for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend changed?
Homecoming and Reunion Weekend was originally planned for late October, but Formula One later announced the Austin race would take place the same weekend. Therefore, hotel availability would have been very limited and costly for that weekend.

How was the weekend selected?
University administration and members of the Alumni Council considered all weekends in the fall with strong preference toward one with a home Football Game. Unfortunately, it was determined that the 2015 Football home schedule conflicted with the start of the school year, observation of religious and national holidays and the Formula One race weekend. The University attempted to switch away games to a home game, but was unsuccessful in rescheduling with other schools. Alumni Council members were asked to assist with the selection of an alternative date. The Alumni Council hopes that the October 16-18 date will allow for a beautiful weekend with as many guests as possible as we come together as a community to celebrate Southwestern’s 175th Anniversary.

What can I look forward to during the weekend?
The weekend will focus on the University’s 175th Anniversary, a historic celebration for Southwestern! You will not want to miss Saturday night’s 175th Anniversary Party. It will be one for the record books! Some favorite events will also return (e.g., Picnic, Parade, Homecoming Hospitality House, receptions, class reunions, etc.). 


How will I know when pre-registration is open?
An email notification will be sent to alumni and parents of current students. As long as the University has your preferred email address and you have not unsubscribed from receiving messages from the University, you will be notified when pre-registration is open. If your preferred email address has changed, we encourage you to update your information. You may also check The Association’s Facebook page and the Homecoming website for updated information.

Why is pre-registering so important?
Homecoming and Reunion Weekend brings a lot of people to campus and requires advanced planning to make sure the weekend goes smoothly for University guests and visitors. Pre-registeringhelps University staff in securing enough food, drinks, tables and chairs for events.

What is the benefit of pre-registering?
It will make the beginning of your Homecoming experience a lot easier and more convenient, not to mention that it is less expensive than registering onsite ($5 savings per person). A pre-registration packet (which includes printed name tags and event tickets) will be ready for you to pick-up at the Pre-registration Check-in station during Homecoming. Additionally, those people who pre-register, will be eligible to win prizes.


Will the Hospitality House be open on Friday?

Yes. It will open in the evening hours.

When is the Hospitality House be open on Saturday evening?

The Hospitality House will be open on Saturday in the late afternoon to early evening hours. When the 175th Anniversary Party is taking place in the center of campus, we will close the Hospitality House to encouraging everyone to go the the 175th party. There will be a cash bar at the Party. (You will not want to miss the 175th Party!)