The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

Alumni Assembly Delegates

List is arranged by class year then last name.
Updated: March 7, 2013

"The Assembly shall be a body that represents the alumni constituency. The Assembly shall have a President, a President-Elect, a Program Chair and a Program Chair-Elect. It shall include these officers and other members as provided in the Bylaws."
~ Constitution of The Association of Southwestern University Alumni, Section 2, Article II

1947 Roger Busfield
1952 Ruth Simons Ray
1954 Al Sanders
1955 Jerry Jay Smith
1956 Mary Ann Springer Whitfield
1957 Marilyn Colegrove Manning
1962 Art Few
1962 Joan Schelling Few
1962 Milton Jordan
1963 Steve Raben
1963 Joe Seeber
1964 Ed Ellis
1966 Russell Ramsey
1967 Ann Cater Ramsey
1967 Mary Aubra Shirley Tidwell
1968 Sarah Walthall Norris
1968 Jake Schrum
1970 John Curry
1970 Amanda Weaver Cohen Weaver
1971 Ken Holley
1972 Ann Tyrrell Cochran
1973 Maxie Duran Hardin
1976 Ted Caryl
1977 Steve Cotton
1977 Cathy Carleton Martin
1979 Henry Guevara
1979 Dustin James
1980 Karen Little Preis