The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

Alumni Assembly Delegates

About the Alumni Assembly and Delegates

The Alumni Assembly serves as the voting membership of The Association. The Alumni Assembly officers include the President, President-Elect, Assembly Program Chair, Assembly Program Chair-Elect and Delegates representing the alumni constituency. Delegates include class representatives, local association presidents, connection group contacts and members of the Alumni Council.

Alumni Assembly Delegates typically meet once per year. The Alumni Council often communicates with Delegates via email. The members listed below are voting members who represent their class, local association, connection group or serve on the Alumni Council. 

List is arranged by class year then last name.
Updated: June 10, 2015


Alumni Assembly Delegates - Voting Members

1950s Decade

1959 Henry Radde, Class Relations Officer

1960s Decade 

1963 Joe Seeber, S.U.E.Y. P.I.G. Connection Group
1963 Huntley Kenesson, Class Relations Officer
1964 Ed Ellis, Alumni Council
1964 Nancy Northington Kurio, Delta Delta Delta Connection Group
1966 Russell Ramsey, Class Relations Officer
1967 Jon Morrison, Alumni Council
1967 Ann Cater Ramsey, Class Relations Officer
1968 Sarah Walthall Norris, Class Relations Officer
1969 Lana Johnson Horne, Delta Zeta Connection Group

1970s Decade

1970 Jim Bankston, Class Relations Officer
1971 Ken Holley, Battlin’ Buc Baseballers Connection Group
1973 Susan Peace Holley, Alumni Council
1973 Sue Stauffer Harshman, Class Relations Officer
1974 Bruce Gilmour, Class Relations Officer
1975 Karen Hanson-Flowers, Alumni Council
1976 Pam Slaughter Bush, Alumni Council
1978 Charlie Olson, Class Relations Officer
1979 Henry Guevara, Hispanic Connection Group and Alumni Council
1979 Dustin James, Pi Kappa Alpha Connection Group

1980s Decade

1980 Maralee Buttery Vezie, SU International Alumni Connection Group
1980 Mark Danheim, Pi Kappa Alpha Connection Group
1980 Donna Carter Worley, Alumni Council
1980 Matt Worley, Kappa Alpha Order Connection Group  
1980 Mark McPhail, Class Relations Officer
1981 Stephen Ressling, The Houston Association
1982 Karen Sanders Frost, Class Relations Officer
1983 Jeanne Clifford Weiss, The Pacific Northwest Association
1983 Lynn Parr Mock, Class Relations Officer
1984 Jean Janssen, Alumni Council (President-Elect)
1985 Steve Smith, Class Relations Officer
1986 Jennifer Peel, The San Antonio Area Association
1986 Lori Mayfield Maedgen, Class Relations Officer
1988 Mike Lade, Class Relations Officer
1989 Robyn Greb Burchfiel, Class Relations Officer

1990s Decade

1992 Dorothy Caldwell, The Greater Austin Association
1992 Mark Easterly, Phi Delta Theta Connection Group
1992 Tim Treviño, Alumni Council
1992 Rev. Lara Whitley, Alumni in Ministry Connection Group
1992 Wendy Streza Gaspard, Class Relations Officer
1993 Daryl Allen, Alumni Council (President)
1993 Jon Porter, The Greater Georgetown Association
1993 Darien Kubik Wilson, Class Relations Officer
1994 Stephanie Saldana Sanchez, Class Relations Officer
1995 Laura Sewell, Class Relations Officer
1996 Sara McCutchen, The Dallas Association
1997 Amy Myshell Heidbrink, Class Committee Member
1998 Jamie Robinette Nettles, Zeta Tau Alpha Connection Group
1999 Sean Andrews, The Chicago Association
1999 Cari Cohorn, The Bay Area Association
1999 Marisela Treviño Orta, Alumni Council (Alumni Assembly Program Chair)
1999 Kevin Moore, Class Relations Officer

2000s Decade

2000 Arianna Chavez Lay, Class Relations Officer
2000 Jacob Lipp, Alpha Phi Omega Connection Group
2001 Sylvia Mayer, Class Relations Officer
2002 Barbara Ahrendt Leonard, Alpha Delta Pi Connection Group
2002 Lindsay Dold O’Sullivan, The Los Angeles Association
2002 Ebony Rose, Alumni Council
2002 Drew York, Class Relations Officer
2003 Michael Nguyen, LGBTA Connection Group
2003 Susannah Prucka, Alpha Xi Delta Connection Group
2004 Brad and Megan Bush Knapp, Class Relations Officers
2005 Jeff Waldrop, Kappa Sigma Connection Group
2005 Megan Browning-Altman, Class Relations Officer
2005 Breisen Miller, The Big Apple Association
2006 Paul Santa Cruz, Class Relations Officer
2007 Stephanie Little Dailey, Class Relations Officer
2007 Leia Crawford, Southwestern Theater Professionals Connection Group
2007 Ben Johnson, Pirates for the Environment Connection Group
2007 Claire Robinette Cooney, The Washington, D.C. Association
2008 Elizabeth Knox, Class Relations Officer
2008 Beth Thomas Schleif, Basketball Alumni Connection Group
2009 Kelly Parmet, Class Relations Officer

2010s Decade

2010 Janet Del Real, Class Delegate
2010 Sarah Gould-Stotts (Alumni Council)
2010 Cameron Navarro, The Fort Worth Area Association
2010 Hector Ruiz, Alumni Council
2011 Ursula James LaFosse, Class Relations Officer
2012 Jazz Thomas, Class Relations Officer
2013 Brady Kent, Class Relations Officer
2014 Dane Beyer, Class Relations Officer
2014 Paige Duggins, Alumni Council
2015 Sarah Ally, Class Relations Officer
2017 Grace Atkins, Alumni Council

Ex Officio Members (non-voting members)

Edward Burger, President of Southwestern University
Megan Frisque, Associate Vice President for Alumni and Parent Relations
Paul Secord, Vice President for University Relations