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Jacob Schrum

Assistant Professor of Computer Science


Areas of expertise

Artificial Intelligence, specifically Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Neuroevolution, Artificial Life, Multiobjective Optimization, and Reinforcement Learning.


Ph.D.,University of Texas at Austin 2014
MS,University of Texas at Austin 2009
BS,Southwestern University 2006


My research focuses on automatically discovering intelligent behavior in complex domains, such as video games and other complex simulated environments. I often use Neuroevolution, the simulated evolution of artificial neural network brains, in order to discover such behavior. In particular, I strive to find ways to help learning systems automatically develop multiple modes of behavior in order to handle multiple tasks. Because different tasks are often associated with different objectives, I am also interested in Multiobjective Optimization.



Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Honors & Awards

  • Grand prize in BotPrize 2012, a competition to design human-like agents for video games.
  • UTCS Department's 2012 Teaching Assistant Excellence Award.
  • Inaugural Paideia Scholar at SU in 2006.

Specific subjects or issues you can knowledgeably discuss:

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

I am willing to talk to the media: yes

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Other languages you are fluent in: German

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(512) 863-1712(office)
Office: Mood-Bridwell 141