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Synthetic organic chemistry and the design and preparation of novel anti-cancer agents


Ph.D.,MIT 0
Postdoctoral,Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, U.K. 0
B.S. Honors Program, Magna cum Laude,,Loyola University of Chicago 0


January 01, 2010 - present
Southwestern University: Herbert and Kate Dishman Professor of Science, Department of Chemistry: 1996- - Sabbatical - 2002-2003 Institute of Molecular Chemistry, University of Amsterdam - Visiting Professor - Summer 2004 Department of Pharmacology, Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. - Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences: DeMontfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom. 1995-1998 New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico. -Professor of Chemistry: 1990-1996 -Associate Professor of Chemistry: 1984-1990 -Assistant Professor of Chemistry: 1981-1984


New methods of chemical synthesis Design and preparation of novel potential anti-cancer agents


Recent Relevant Publications:

R. Zhang, X.Wu, L. Guziec, F. Guziec Jr., G.-L. Chee, J. Yalowich, B. B. Hasinoff, "Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of a novel series of anthrapyrazoles linked with netropsin-like oligopyrrole carboxamides as anticancer agents," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry,  2010, 18, 3974-3984.

S. Pierce, L. Guziec, F. Guziec, J. Brodbelt, "Characterization of Aziridinyl-benzoquinone DNA Cross-links by LC-IRMPD-MS," Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2010, 23, 1097-1104.

A. Begleiter, N. El Gabaloway, L. Lange, M. K. Leith, Lynn J. Guziec, Frank S. Guziec Jr.,  "A Model for NADPH:Quinoneoxidoreductase (NQO1) Targeted Individualized Cancer Chemotherapy," Drug  Target Insights,  2009, 4, 1-8.

Brian B. Hasinoff, Rui Zhang, Xing Wu, Lynn J. Guziec, Frank S. Guziec Jr., Kyle Marshall, Jack C. Yalowich,   "The structure-based design, synthesis and biological evaluation of DNA-binding amide linked bisintercalating bisanthrapyrazole anticancer compounds," Bioorg. Med. Chem., 2009, 17, 4575-4582.

S. I. Smith, L.J. Guziec,  F.S. Guziec, Jr., J. S. Brodbelt,  "Interactions of sulfur-containing acridine ligands with DNA by ESI-MS,"  Analyst, 2009, 134, 2058-2066.

F. S. Guziec, Jr. and L. J. Guziec, "Six-membered Rings with One Se or Te," Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III, Vol. 7,  Elsevier, London, 2008, pp. 955-1001. F. S. Guziec, Jr. and L. J. Guziec, "Six-membered Rings with Two or More Heteroatoms with at Least One Se or Te," Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III, Vol. 9,   Elsevier, London, 2008, pp. 791-834.

Honors & Awards

Fulbright Scholar to UK, 1994-95 Visiting Scholar, Netherlands Science Council, 2002-2003 National Academy of Sciences-Polish Academy of Sciences Exchange Scholar, 1993

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Cancer chemotherapeutics, chemical synthesis

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