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Areas of expertise
Frame theory, operator theory, matrix theory, projective geometry, art and mathematics

Mathematics is the most elusive of all the arts. It took 8 years of serious study to even begin to understand the medium and begin to work with it in a creative way. Math is art. I wouldn't be a mathematician otherwise.


MS, PhD,Vanderbilt University 2007
BA,University of Louisville 2002


R. Denman, F. Futamura, K.C. Richards, On Sharp Frame DiagonalizationLinear Algebra Appl., 438 no. 5, (2013) 2210-2224.

F. Futamura, Frame Diagonalization of Matrices, Lin. Algebra Appl., 436 no. 9 (2012) 3201-3214.

F. Futamura, Localizable Operators and the Construction of Localized Frames, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 137 (2009) 4187-4197.

F. Futamura, Symmetrically localized frames and the removal of subsets of positive density, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 326 no. 2, (2007) 1225--1235. 

F. Futamura, Banach framed, decay in the context of localization, Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process., 6 no. 2, (2007) 151--166.


Self-Portraits as Other People's Preconceptions, 2006
    installation of eight paintings, oil on canvas, 60 in X 36 in
    Evoke/Invoke/Provoke, A Multimedia Project of Discovery,
    directed by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman.   
    Cohen Building, Peabody Campus, Vanderbilt University.

Honors & Awards

NSF TUES Grant, $69,432, 2012
National Science Foundation (NSF) Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science (TUES) grant, Projective Geometry Applied to Perspective Art, to write, test and evaluate a textbook on projective geometry that motivates and applies the material to perspective drawing.

AIBL Small Grant, $4000, 2011
Grant to create an inquiry based learning math and art course, Educational Advancement Foundation

Faculty-Student Project Research Grant, $7590, 2009
Internal grant to do research with a student for 8 weeks, Southwestern University

Brown Innovations in Teaching Award, $5000, 2008
Internal grant to organize a departmental pedagogical seminar, Southwestern University

B.F. Bryant Prize for Excellence in Teaching, 2007
Graduate teaching award, Vanderbilt University

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