Partnership with The Rhodopi International Theater Laboratory-Leon Katz (Smolyan, Bulgaria)

A professional residency and alternative training program, the RITL consists of theater practitioners, scholars, and students from around the world, who are willing to share their culture, knowledge, and experience.

Based each summer in Smolyan, Bulgaria (located just north of the border with Greece), the Collective lives and works in the center of the breathtaking Rhodopi Mountains - the mythological birthplace of Orpheus and Eurydice and the original terrain of the cult of Dionysus, i.e., the origin of Western theater, music, and performance. 

By assembling at an important geographical root of storytelling and their art form, participants internationalize their imaginations, broaden the scope of their creative vocabularies, and collectively discover how sets of diverse styles, conventions, and philosophies may be merged into uniquely cohesive theatrical events.

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