Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre allows students to focus intensively on artistic, academic and production aspects of the theatre discipline for Technology and Design.

Theatre BFA Tech/Design [127 Credits to Graduate]

First Year/Advanced Entry Seminar  =2 credits
Foreign Language =16 credits
*FRA Req. waived
Intercultural Perspective =3-4 credits
2 @ Humanities =6-8 credits
Math or Computer Science =3-4 credits
Natural Science with LAB =3-4 credits
2 @ Social Sciences =6-8 credits

Theatre Core Courses

72-111 Theatre Lab  (2 credits)
72-142 Stagecraft
73-154 Voice & Movement
72-164 Design Fundamentals
73-184 Fundamentals of Acting
72-211 Advanced Theatre Lab (3 credits)
74-124 History/Historiography I
74-234 or 244 History/Historiography II or III
74-922 Capstone I
74-932 Capstone II

Design and Technology Required Courses

72-241 Production Practicum (4 credits)
72-794 Costume Design
72-804 Scenic Design
72-824 Lighting Design
72-834 Audio/Tech Design
73-894 Directing
74-324 Dramaturgy

16 Credits of Theatre Above Intro. Level

72-294 Makeup Design
72-264 Theatre Crafts
72-464 CAD
72-844 Scenic Elements & Stage Props
72-854 Scene Painting
72-914 Advanced Lighting Design
74-314 Playwriting
74-674 Management
74-854 Stage Management

No more than 4 credits from

74-414 Costume History I
74-424 Costume History II
73/74- 301, 302, 303, 304 Selected Topics
74-951, 952, 953, 954 Independent Study
74-114 London Program
73/74-944 Internship

Additional BFA Requirements

Students who wish to pursue a BFA Degree are admitted to candidacy for that degree only after successfully completing a review process at the end of the fall semester of their sophomore year. Prior to this review process, students are requested to complete Theatre History and Historiography I, Stagecraft, Voice and Movement, Design Fundamentals and Fundamentals of Acting courses and three semesters of Lab. 

In the three semesters prior to their review, students are also required to participate in all departmental auditions and to work as a member of a production staff as an actor or technician each semester. Following the successful completion of the BFA review process, candidates must continue to audition for all department productions and perform,design, or work as production assistants for at least one department production per semester. To maintain the status as BFA candidates and to graduate with the BFA degree, students must successfully complete a jury presentation at the end of the spring semester of their sophomore, junior and senior years.

In addition, BFA candidates are required to present an audition or portfolio to prospective employers at a major theatre conference such as the Southwestern Theatre Association, Southeastern Theatre Conference, USITT or other approved activities prior to their final jury.