Majoring & Minoring

Theatre Department offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, as well as minors in Theatre and Dance.

Bachelor of Arts

The BA degree with a major in Theatre is designed to provide students with a solid background in theatre history, literature, performance, and design and production practices. Many students who choose the BA degree option have minors or double majors because they have other major intellectual or disciplinary interests, or they choose to pursue teacher certification.

Note on course numbering: 72- indicates Theatre Design, 73- indicates Performance and 74- indicates Theatre History and Criticism. 100 level courses are introductory level. 200-800 level courses may be appropriate for all levels unless otherwise indicated by prerequisite designations.

 Major in Theatre (BA): 46 credits (Majors consist of a minimum of 30 credits.)

  • Theatre Core:

THE72-164 Design Fundamentals

THE72-211 Theatre Company (six semesters)

THE72-100 Theatre Laboratory (six semesters)

THE73-184 Fundamentals of Acting

THE74-124 Intro to Play Analysis

THE74-234 Theatre History

  • Twenty four additional upper-level credits in Theatre performance, design, production, management, independent study, internship, literature or other courses approved by the academic adviser.

Minor in Theatre: 20 credits, 12 credits of which must be upper level (Minors consist of a minimum of 18 credits.)

  • Four credits from two of the three main Theatre subject areas: 72-Design & Production; 73-Performance; 74-Theatre History & Criticism
  •  Twelve additional credits of Theatre

Minor in Dance: 20 credits, 12 credits of which must be upper level (Minors consist of a minimum of 18 credits.)  

  • DAN79-804 Dance Repertory
  • Sixteen additional credits of Dance
  • DAN79-414 may not count towards the Dance minor

See the Education Department for information regarding teacher certification in Theatre.