Sarofim School of Fine Arts


The Fine Arts Center (FAC) has three theaters, and several other spaces utilized by the Theatre Department including Caldwell Carvey Foyer, Theatre Design Studio, Costume Shop, Scene Shop, and the Jones Theater Green Room. Click photos for more detail.

Jesse H. And Mary Gibbs Jones Theater

This is the primary performance space for mainstage Theatre productions. Jones Theater is a ¾ thrust with stadium seating to accommodate 325 people. It has a limited fly system from which scenery, stage curtains, and lighting instruments can be dead-hung.

Alma Thomas Theater

Alma Thomas Theater is a 750 seat proscenium theater used for dance, theater, music, and opera performances as well as lectures and symposiums. It has a large orchestra pit, balcony, baby grand piano, sound shells, and a fly system fully equipped with grand curtain, teasers, tormentors, scrim, and cyclorama. The Theatre Department produces one show in Alma Thomas every two years.

Heather Jean McGaughey Black Box

“Heather Hall” is a black box theater used primarily for classes and student productions that can seat about 50 people. It is equipped with 20-30 lighting instruments including several LED fixtures, a lighting and sound system that is used for class room instruction as well as performances, and some rehearsal furniture and props.

Caldwell Carvey Foyer

The Caldwell Carvey Foyer (CCF) is located on the first floor of the FAC adjacent to the entrance to Jones Theater. It can be reserved through the Dean’s office for rehearsals, student productions, musical recitals, scholarship auditions, and other important functions.

Theatre Design Studio

Theatre students have access to the computer design studio in Room 216 located on the second floor of the FAC, near Heather Hall. This room is used for design and stage management courses. The studio is outfitted with drafting tables and computers with design software such as Light Wright, VectorWorks, AutoCad, Audition, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop is located on the second floor of the FAC. It is accessible via the Jones Theater catwalks, the staircase between Jones Theater and the Green Room, or the elevator in the Hall of Honor. It has a makeup room, a construction room, and separate men and women’s dressing rooms complete with bathrooms and showers. The shop is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Use of shop or machines outside of crew calls must be cleared with the Costume Shop Manager.

Scene Shop

The Jones Theater Scene Shop is located behind the Jones Theater. It has a large pad outside for loading and unloading materials. The Scene Shop consists of one large room used for lumber and material storage as well as construction. The shop is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Use of the shop, materials, or machinery outside of crew calls must be cleared with the Technical Director.

Jones Theater Green Room

The Jones Green Room is located behind the Jones Theater and is accessible through the back of the theater or through the Scene Shop. It is frequently used for production meetings and as a holding area during auditions and performances. The Green Room has a computer, refrigerator, small library, coffee maker, and a small pantry for student, staff, and faculty use. The Green Room is also home to the Callboard used to display important production information as well as posters and bulletins from graduate schools, summer stock theatre, and other programs. Anyone who uses the green room must clean up after themselves. Do not leave out food, dirty dishes, or personal belongings.

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