Sarofim School of Fine Arts

Performances (E) (M)

Each show gets 5-7 performances over the course of one week. Evening performances begin at 7 or 8pm. Regular matinees start at 3pm, and School Day matinees start at 11am.

The Stage Manager and the House Manager run performances and give notes through performance reports. Actors must be out of costume before greeting family. Students are not allowed to park in the FAC parking lot during performances in order to leave room for patrons.

“School Day” Performances

Every other year, the Theatre Dept. produces a show intended for children as a part of a program called Theatre for Young Audiences. For these shows, several performances are held during the day (usually at 10 or 11am) to accommodate school hours. Class absences due to daytime performances are considered University Excused Absences. However, it is still the student’s responsibility to communicate with the professors from whose classes they will be absent as soon as possible, but no later than the second week of rehearsals.

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