Sarofim School of Fine Arts


Casting is at the Director’s discretion. It is best to cast students in only one show each semester to avoid scheduling difficulties and strain on the actor, but sometimes this is unavoidable. Directors must communicate with each other during the casting process to discuss their proposed cast lists.

Casts must be finalized and distributed to production teams and all faculty at least 2 hours before the crewing session is scheduled.


Sometimes it will be necessary to cast community children in a production.

  • Send all communication through parents.
  • Find out if they have a strict bedtime or curfew, and try to take that into account when scheduling rehearsals.
  • If the children are very young, allow them to arrive late or leave early whenever you can to keep them from having too much down time in the theater.
  • Assign someone to supervise them during dress rehearsals and performances.
  • Follow general safety guidelines. Do not let them go anywhere alone, run backstage, handle stage props that are not their own, or remove their shoes.
  • Like everyone else in the show, they are not allowed to eat anything while in costume, or drink anything except water. If they are very young, ask parents to provide a set of clothes that they can change into when there is down time during a show.
  • Make sure the rest of the cast knows that the children are around so that they will be careful to use appropriate behavior and language.

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