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Below is a list of the Spanish Faculty. Click on a web page to learn more about each member's educational background and research interests.

  • Language Learning Center Director
    (512) 863-1802
    Olin 318
    Specialty: Spanish 16th- and 17th-century narrative; Cervantes' Don Quijote; instructional technology
  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1625
    Olin 312
    Specialty: Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1667
    Olin 317
    Specialty: Second Language Acquisition, Hispanic Linguistics, Interactional Competence
  • Assistant Director of Language Learning Center
    (512) 863-1816
    Olin 320
    Specialty: Specialty Hispanic Linguistics with emphasis on sociolinguisticsResearch in learning strategies with authentic-language audiovisual materials
  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1573
    Olin 306
    Specialty:  Contemporary Mexican and Latin American Literature and Culture.
  • Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1421
    Olin 316
    Specialty: I fell in love with the Spanish language at an early age, and I have studied it ever since. In college, I spent time in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Madrid, Spain. During my graduate studies, I discovered post-Franco Spanish literature, and that became the focus of my academic career. Teaching Spanish language classes helps me remember those moments when another language starts to make sense, when you really start to gain proficiency. It is exciting to see my students go through that process. In my upper level courses, I focus on twentieth and twenty-first century peninsular Spanish literature and film, especially focusing on issues of race and gender. Most of my students start out unfamiliar with these topics, or at least unfamiliar with the topics from a Spanish perspective. Together we discover how literature and film can represent --and misrepresent--culture. 
  • Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1885
    Olin 308
    Specialty: 20th and 21st Century Hispano American Narrative and Drama. Chilean Narrative, Drama and Film. Hispanic Film.