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About the Department

Connecting Europe to the Americas, Spanish is one of the great exported languages of the West. The second most spoken language in the world behind Chinese, Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the US.

The Southwestern Spanish program recognizes the central importance of modern language study in an age of global awareness and economic interdependence. As we become increasingly international in outlook and have greater numbers of Spanish speakers within the US, Spanish majors find themselves in a strong position to make significant contributions in a variety of fields.

Both majors and minors in Spanish are expected to acquire a strong grasp of language and the ability to analyze and critically evaluate works of literature, film, and other instances of Spanish-language culture. The Spanish program’s curriculum is composed of a mixture of courses focused on the written and spoken language, as well as Spanish literature and culture. 

Our Spanish students undertake the shared tasks of oral work, coupled with listening comprehension and reading in the context of culture. This complete approach to language acquisition goes hand-in-hand with cultural immersion, and the resulting linguistic and cultural fluency in Spanish facilitates successful study abroad. Depending on the student’s interests, students may choose from diverse programs in a number of Spanish speaking countries.

As with other language and literature programs at Southwestern, the Spanish program aims to build diverse perspectives. Modern technological developments serve to allow communication with others beyond the university, thus creating the genuine possibility of lifelong connections, friendships and learning. The Spanish program is also committed to expanding the presence of technology in the classroom, primarily through its use of multimedia teaching aids and options in the Language Learning Center.