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Sociology Conference Presentations

A list of recent student presentations at sociology conferences:

2016 American Sociological Association meeting, Seattle, WA

  • Guillermo Alvarado “‘That Gay Gangsta Shit’: Identity Construction and Community Membership in Queer Rappers’ Musical Careers,” ASA Honors Program
  • Kelly McKeon “Finding a Deficit in the Deficit Model: A Study of the Social and Academic Integration of First-Generation College Students” ASA Honors Program

2016 Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA

  • Bethany Lewis, “’That’s the Spark I Want to See’: Mentorship and Empowerment of Girls in STEM”
  • Marta Selby, “’All You Need are Shoes, Shorts, and a Shirt’: Women’s Experiences in Youth Running”
  • John Semlitsch, “Creating an “Egalitarian” Privileged Space: Displaying Works by Artists of Color in the Modern Art Museum”

2015 American Sociological Association, Chicago, Il.

  • Guillermo Alvarado, Latina/os, Microaggressions, and Positive Interpersonal Interactions on a College Campus, ASA Honors Program.
  • Lucas Grisham and Mitchell Petersen, An Exploratory Study of of the Social Construction of LGBTQ Neighborhoods in London

2015 Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA

  • Guillermo Alvarado, Latina/os, Microaggressions, and Positive Interpersonal Interactions on a College Campus
  • Claire Simmons Blyth, Identity Accommodation of Higher Education Latino Students
  • Victoria Flores, “What Have I Done?  What Am I Doing?”:  Racialized and Classed Experiences of Teach for America Teachers
  • Edward L. Kain, Lucas Grisham, Mitchell Petersen and Dakota McDurham, An Exploratory Study of of the Social Construction of LGBTQ Neighborhoods in London
  • Joanna Hawkins, Responding to Ebola:  A Risky Act of Social Justice
  • Jessica Jones, “This School Just Isn’t Set Up For Us”: Experiences of Transfer Students from Community Colleges at a Private Liberal Arts University in the South
  • Jordan Richardson, “It’s All Fun and Shade”:  Identities, Communities, and Culture of Drag Performers in the US 

2014 American Sociological Association meeting, San Francisco, CA.

  • Brianna Billingsley, Waiting Tables Will Make You Lose Your Faith in Humanity: The Racialized and Classed Dimensions of Emotional Labor Among Restaurant Servers, ASA Honors Program 

2014 Southern Sociological Society, Charlotte, NC

  • Brianna Billingsley, Waiting Tables Will Make You Lose Your Faith in Humanity: The Racialized and Classed Dimensions of Emotional Labor Among Restaurant Servers
  • Heather Burns, The Role of Noblesse Oblige and Class Privilege in Shaping Volunteer Experience
  • Lucero Castillo, Shattering Invisibility and Rethinking the American Dream: Undocumented Students as Agents of Educational and Social Change
  • Nicole Hewitt, Becoming a Good Citizen: English as a Second Language Volunteers Reinforcing Social Hierarchies within Adult Education
  • Kelsey Kisor, “Protect and Serve Each Other”: Collective Action and Contentious Politics in a Police Accountability Organization
  • Nathan Tuttle, Gay on the Gridiron: Homophobia and the NFL

2014 Pacific Sociological Association, Portland, OR

  • Lucas Grisham, Kelsey Kisor and Mitchell Petersen, Planning for Change in the Sociology Curriculum: Sociology Departments and the MCAT® 2015
  • Victoria Flores and Tara Smith, Planning for Change in the Psychology Curriculum: Psychology Departments and the MCAT® 2015
  • Marta Selby, John Semlitsch and Forrest Stanley-Stevens, Adjustments Following Addition: Advisors’ Actions Regarding MCAT® Revisions

2013 American Sociological Association Undergraduate Honors Program, New York, NY

  • Susana Contreras, Silencing and Celebrating: How Professors React to the Personal Experiences of Students of Color, ASA Honors Program
  • Megan Robinson, “I’m Feeding the World Tonight”: The Impact of Moral Identity Standards on Mobile Loaves and Fishes Homeless Outreach Ministry, ASA Honors Program
  • Nathan Tuttle, Attitudes Toward Immigrant Workers in the United States and Argentina, ASA Honors Program

2013 Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA.

  • Isaac Bernal, “Performing Spanish: Gatekeeping in a First-Generation Latino Peer Culture”
  • Lucero Castillo and Joanna Hawkins, “Patterns and Change in the Portrayal of the Elderly in Print Advertising”  
  • Lorenza Cigarroa, “Leading Occupy Austin: Constructing an Alternate Conception of Leadership Through Direct Democracy and Collective Action.” 
  • Anna Fetchick, “Don’t Bring it Home: How Emotion Work and Individual Identity Affect Activist Participation.” 
  • Alice H. Nguyen (with Lowe) “‘They May Be Up to No Good’: The Heightened Surveillance of Men of Color On a Predominantly White Neighborhood Listserv.” 
  • Megan Robinson, “I’m Feeding the World Tonight’: The Impact of Moral Identity Standards on Mobile Loaves & Fishes Homeless Outreach Ministry.” 
  • Caroline Wright, “Friendship, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and Family: Collective Identity, Social Ties, and Free Space as Motivation for Volunteers at the Ride On Center for Kids.” 

2012 Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA.

  • Alex Barnes, “Ephemeral Aid for Chronic Problems: Emotions and ‘Voluntour ism’ in Short-Term Medical Mission Recruitment and Retention”
  • Ethan Lane-Miller, “You and I Will Change the World:  Jewish Values, Identity and Social Activism”
  • Krystina Maloukis, “‘We Are ADAPT:’ The Role of Collective Identity within a Disability Rights Movement Organzation
  • Kristen McCollum, “The Art of Collective Identity: How an Art from the Streets Program Fosters a Sense of Community Among the Homeless”
  • Abby Morales, “’I’m a Youth who Wants my House Back:’ An Analysis of How a Free Space Becomes Unsafe”
  • Marcella Orozco, “Growing for a Sustainable Future:  Looking at Volunteerism and Community at an Urban Farm”

2011 American Sociological Association, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Lowe, Maria R., Reginald A. Byron, Griffin Ferry and Melissa J. Garcia. “Food for   Thought: The Impact of Race and Frequent Interracial Dining Experiences on Students’  Perceptions of the Racial Climate on Campus.” 
  • Byron, Reginald A., Maria R. Lowe, Melissa J. Garcia and Griffin Ferry. “Racially  Invisible Yet Invisibly Racial: White University Students’ Conflicting Perspectives on  Race and the  Value of Racial/Ethnic Diversity.” 
  • Toni Nietfeld, “‘Welcome to Hell’: The Role of Framing and Recruitment in Saving Souls”  ASA Honors Program.
  • Whitney Rodriguez Rominger, “‘It Lets Me Be Me. It Lets Me Be Both:’  A Study of How Queer People of Color Create Community through Free Space”  ASA Honors Program.

2011 Southern Sociological Society, Jacksonville, FL.

Alexandra Brown, “‘We’ll Do the Best We Can:’ How Volunteers Overcome Frustrations to Stay Motivated and Involved in the Animal Welfare Movement”

Amy Crook, “Cultivating Change:  The Complexities of Coalition Formation in the Movement for Affordable Housing.”

Toni Nietfeld, “‘Welcome to Hell’: The Role of Framing and Recruitment in Saving Souls”

Megan Satterfield, “Just Living Our Truth”: Emotion Work and Collective Identity in the Fight For Transgender Right”

Mayra Garcia and Whitney Rodriguez Rominger (with Nenga).  “Adding and Subtracting Cultural Capital: First-Generation Students in a College Outreach Program.” 

2010 American Sociological Association, Atlanta, GA.

Kate Roberts, “It Depends on Who You Ask: The Impact of Race and Ethnicity on Students’ Perceptions of the Campus Racial Climate” ASA Honors Program.

2010 Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA

  • Alexandra Brown, “How to Accurately Interpret a Peer’s Social Class:  Symbols of Class Status and Presentation of Self in College Students.”
  • Laura Burrow, “Breaking the Cycle of Abuse:  Why Advocates Work to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.”
  • Jessica Herbst, “Sometimes You Have to Sell Your Soul a Little Bit:  Maintaining Meaning and Identity in the Midst of Non-Profit Politics.”
  • Lauren E. Hamlett, “Hot Spots for Swine Flu:  Preparing for the New Influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic in London Schools.” 
  • Callie R. Paige, “Capital Matters:  The Familial Effect on the College-Bound Student.”

2009 American Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA

  • Nicole Powell, “Little Gay Gandhis: Providing a Safe Space and Empoewring Sexual Minorities” ASA Honors Program.

2009 Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA

  • Tristine P. Baccam, “That Synergy of People:  Fortifying Social Networks and Collective Identity To Build a Straight-Gay Coalition”
  • Lauren Hamlett, “State Health Indicators and the Hispanic Population”
  • Jess Herbst, “Factors in Opinions on Childcare:  Effects of Life Experiences on View of Childcare”
  • Nicole Powell, “Little Gay Gandhis:  Providing a Safe Space and Empowering Sexual Minorities”
  • Grace Stafford, “From Bra Burning to Bible Study:  Motivation for Political Activism and Polarization Among Local Women Activists”

2008 American Sociological Association, Boston, MA

  • Tristine P. Baccam, “Deriving Self-Image:  A Study of Upper and Upper Middle-Class Students and How They Construct Self-Image” ASA Honors Program
  • Phillip A. Cantu, “Activists on the Margin: High Risk Activism in a Needle Exchange Program” ASA Honors Program

2008 Southern Sociological Society, Richmond, VA
(Although airline cancellations prevented us from attending, the following students were scheduled to present:)

  • Tristine Baccam, “Rebuilding the House that Jack Built: Comparative Analysis of Immigration and Residential Crowding in the US”
  • Phillip A. Cantu, “Activists on the Margin: High Risk Activism in a Needle Exchange Program”
  • Megan Collins, “Bureaucratic Traditions, Consensus and the Role of the Media in the American Civil Liberties Union Central Texas Chapter”
  • Lauren Cox, “”¡Trabajadores Unan!: Leaders, Collective Identity, and Conflict Resolution among Latino Immigrant Workers”
  • Rachael Die, “Communities of Color Fighting Toxic Contamination: A Case Study of Grassroots Environmental Justice and Community Advocacy”
  • Sarah Fankhauser, “Guardian Angels at the Grassroots: A Study of the Factors That Shape Individuals Into Activists ”
  • William A. Faulk, “Fighting the Religious Right in Texas: How Political Activist Organizations Recruit and Maintain Members in the Fight for a Division Between Church and State”
  • Erin Kamin, “The SARAH Project and the Hidden Homeless”
  • Anne Olson, “Which Side Are You On? An Examination of the Recruitment Tactics Used by a Local Education Union”
  • Nicole Powell, “Examining Social Class; Comparisons Between Attitudes and Composition of a College Campus and the United States”

2007 Southern Demographic Association, Birmingham, AL

  • Phillip A. Cantu, “Growing Pains: Trends in Diabetes and Obesity from 1976 to 2005”

2007 American Sociological Association, New York City, NY

  • Lauren Cox, “What’s Class Got To Do With It? The Effects of Social Class on Dating Activities ”
  • Meagan Elliott, “Locating Jewish Identity in Poland: Thoughts and Photographs” ASA Honors Program

2007 Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA

  • Alice May Berthelsen, “From Romance to Self-Realization: How College Women Construct a Self Through Romantic Relationships”
  • Megan Collins, “Liberalism and Cohabitation in the United States”
  • Meagan Elliott, “Locating Jewish Identity in Poland: Thoughts and Photographs”
  • Sarah Fankhauser, “Americans’ Perceptions of Blacks, Hispanics and Jews: A Study of the Effects of Education and Age on Attitudes toward Minority Groups”
  • Cody Faulk, “T.V. and Our U.S. Pride”
  • Jenna Hardy, “Retired and Refreshed: Women’s Collective Identity in a Retirement Community”
  • Mary Kierst, “Religiosity and Attitudes toward the Civil Liberties of Nonconformists”
  • Carly Morris, “Raci
  • al Integration within a Church Setting and Feelings towards Homosexuality”

2006 American Sociological Association, Montreal Quebec

  • Lauren R. Contreras, “Fitting in at College: How Social Class affects Friendships”
  • Meagan Elliott, “Listening to Silence: Social Class Dialogue on the University Campus,”
  • Alexandra O. Hendley, “Barreras del Lenguage: Children’s Negotiation of Adult-Created Exclusionary Structures” ASA Honors Program

2006 Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans, LA

  • Kelsie Alstead, “‘You Must Be a Very Special Person’: Special Education and Identity Work”
  • Alice May Berthelsen, “Religiosity and Income: Do They Have an Impact on Attitudes Toward Marijuana?”
  • Phillip A. Cantu, “Income, Income Inequalities and Education and Their Effect on Healthcare: A Cross-National Approach”
  • Lauren A. Cox, “Factors that Predict Attitudes Towards Immigration: Income and Socioeconomic Status”
  • Annie Garcia, “How Different Are They? Friendships in a Home School Support Group”
  • Jenna C. Hardy, “Reading into Contraceptives: How Female Literacy Rates Affect the Prevalence of Contraceptive Use in an International Study”
  • Ashley Heck, “‘We’re Not Special Anymore’: Identity Creation, Identity Loss, and Coping Strategies among Gifted/Talented Students”
  • Alexandra O. Hendley, “Barreras del Lenguage: Children’s Negotiation of Adult-Created Exclusionary Structures”
  • Jacqueline R. Holden, “Religion, Politics, and Why No One Watches the News: How Religiosity and Extremity of Political Views Affects Confidence in the Media”
  • Brian A. Kasper, “Money and Alcohol Abuse: An In-depth Analysis of Income Level’s Effect on Alcohol Abuse in Wet and Dry Counties”
  • Andrew J. Morrison, “Bitters and Cheers: An Ethnography of Pub Culture at the Churchill Arms”
  • Lydia M. Rudy, “What Lies Within: Constructing Beauty Through Advertising in Women’s Fashion Magazines”
  • Nathan Turner, “Minding the Gaps: Cultural Patterns on the London Underground”
  • Krys Wyatt, “Finding Friends Like Me: The First-Year Student Struggle to Create and Maintain Identity and Friendship”

2005 American Sociological Association, Philadelphia, PA

  • Ali Hendley, “Predictors of Rape Myth Acceptance: An Examination of Sexual Permissiveness, Religiosity and Gender”
  • Narda Hernandez, “Supporting Ourselves: Exploring an HIV/AIDS Support Group in Rural South Africa”
  • Krys Wyatt, “Pornography Use and Rape Myth Acceptance: Different Effects for Different Groups”

2005 Southern Sociological Society, Charlotte, NC

  • Ray Altman, “Coalition Crisis: Mobilizing Diverse Interests for Political Action”
  • Lauren Contreras, “Who do you Believe?: How a Rape Victim’s Gender and Sexuality Affect Their Credibility?”
  • Dene Granger, “Power of the Rhizome: Intentional Living and Activism”
  • Annie Garcia, “Use of Pornography as an Indicator of Rape Myth Acceptance”
  • Bethany Gregg, “Texas Moratorium Network: Private Motives, Public Activism”
  • Ashley Heck, “Belief in God, Self-reported Religiosity, and Rejection of Rape Myths”
  • Melanie Kurtz, “Rich Man’s War, Poor People’s Fight: An Exploratory Study of the Activist Group, Austin Against War”
  • Ariel Reynolds, “The Facilitative Foyer: Frames, Free Spaces, and Collective Identity in Non-membership Organizations”
  • Robin Schwartz, “Fighting Broken Windows: Radical Activism Through Collective Facilitation of Networks”
  • Jessica Story, “Peace Train: Religion and Spirituality in a Local Peace Movement”
  • Jessica Tonahill, “Marriage Equality: A Pursuit for Social Justice”