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Sociology & Anthropology

Social Events

The Sociology and Anthropology Department hosts many annual events that bring together faculty, students, and alumni.  For instance, every year, we have a department picnic and an end of the year dinner with faculty and students.  Sociology faculty, students, and alumni also get together every year at the American Sociological Association meetings for a dinner.  The department has hosted a faculty, student, and alumni reception over Homecoming weekend, department kickball games, and other social events designed to facilitate community within our department.  If you would like to know the details about upcoming events, email the department chair for details!

2016-2017 Social Events

Faculty, student, and alumni dinner at the American Sociological Association meeting, Seattle, WA, August 2016

Our Fall 2016 OASIS picnic will be scheduled for a weekday in October on the Academic Mall.  Come out and join the faculty, staff, and students of the department for some free food and drinks, good conversations, solid tunes, and some kickball, frisbee throwing, or squirrel watching. :)

Department lectures and documentary viewings, throughout the year

Annual Department Kickball Game, March 2017

Dinner at the Southern Sociological Society meeting, Greenville, SC, April 2017

Dinner at the Southwestern Anthropological Association meeting, April 2017

End of the year dinner for graduating seniors and AKD members, May 2017