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Anthropology Conference Presentations

Anthropology Conference Presentations

2016 Southwestern Anthropological Association meetings, San Diego, CA

  • Emily Grover, “‘The Community is the Greatest Work of Art’: Texas Art, History, and Identity at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts”
  • Drew Kotlarczyk, ”‘Learn With It and Lean With It’: Disability, Accommodation, Power, and Identity in Higher Education”
  • Jen O’Neal, “‘Heart to Help’: Performing Whiteness in Development NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Daniel Ross, “Black Country, White Wilderness: Conservation, Colonialism, and Conflict in Tasmania”

2015 Southwestern Anthropological Association meetings, Long Beach, CA

  • Julia Estrada, “You Ahead of the Game:  Exotic Dancers, Ambition, and Identities of Exploitation ”
  • Kaylynn Guerra, “The Importance of Well-Being:  Group Exercise Among Kunming’s Elderly Citizens”

  • Naima Kenny, “’Don’t Start Nothin’, Won’t Be Nothin”:  Navigating Intimate Spaces of Mixed Status”

2014 Southwestern Anthropological Association meetings, Chico, CA

  • Susana Contreras, “Coloring the Ivory Tower: A Critical Race Analysis of Latin@ Experiences in Higher Education”
  • Carley Cooper, “‘Mercury: Making People Mad Since 210 BC”

  • Allie Klein, “Navigating Cancer, Alleviating Health Disparities: Oral Histories of Breast Cancer Patient Navigators”
  • Lauren Saylor, “(Re)Making Self: Gender Identity Formation by Female to Male Transgenderists in Amsterdam”

2014 Latin American Studies Symposium, Birmingham, AL

  • Sarah Puffer, “A Rosy Thorn: The Import and Export of Meaning in the Ecuadorian Floriculture”

2013 Southwestern Anthropological Association meeting, San José, CA

  • Alejandra BenitezOn the Border of Texas and Peru: Domination and Subjugation of Non-Privileged Identities Within Education
  • Fehima DawyFitting into the Ideals of a “New India” after Breast Cancer: Survivor Stories from Mumbai, India
  • Kristi Lenderman:Chilean Intercultural Education and Contentious Identities: Constructions of Sexuality and Gender in the Mapuche Community
  • Chloe MorrisNexus of Healing: The Experiences of Female Bedu Healers in Jordan
  • MLe McWilliamsMermaids, Mythology & Marble: A Search for Identity in a Multitude of Conflicting Selves (Poster)

 2012 Southwestern Anthropological Association meetings, Chico, CA

  • Griffin Ferry, “Physio-Neutral Expectivity: Gender Performativity, Heteronormativity and Males with Eating Disorders”
  • Zoë Martin, “‘A Whole New Brawl Game’: Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby as Embodied Counter-Hegemonic Resistance”

  • Meagan Moore, “The Story of Adherence: Living with HIV/AIDS”

 2011 Southern Anthropological Society meetings, Richmond, Virginia

  • Ursula James “The Emergence of Hoi An: World Heritage Status and Global Tourism in Vietnam.”
  • Sarah Wiggins  “Trading in Their Heritage: Lamu Town, Kenya, and modern port development.” 
  • Hannah Yterdal “The Horses Were Telling Me: Ableism and Speciesism in a Horseback Riding Program for Special Needs Individuals.”

2009 Southwestern Anthropological Association, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Carolyn Acker, “Breaking the Silence:  Friendship and Anthropology”
  • Noah Bickford, “‘Acting Gay,’:  Negotiating a Gay Male Identity Within Performance and Masculinity”
  • Katie Glanz, “Beauty and Agency:  An Exploration of Women and Beauty Culture in South India”
  • Tanlyn Roelofs, “‘To Belong or Not To Belong:’  Hybrid Identity Among the Muslim Diaspora in the Netherlands”
  • Eryn Snyder, “The ‘Real Bedik:’ Authenticity, Identity and Agency in Marketing Culture for the Tourist Gaze”

2008 Latin American Studies Symposium, Birmingham, Alabama

  • Rachael Die, “A Vicious Cycle? The Use of Violence in the Mapuche Land Reclamation Movement“

2008 Southwestern Anthropological Association, Fullerton, California

  • Shauna Davidson, “Orphan Care in Senegal”
  • Tricia Dickson, “The One Child Policy and Globalization in Shanghai”
  • Lauren Griebel, “The Other Side of the Islands: HIV/AIDS in Fiji”
  • Casey McAuliffe, “Cultural Reflection“

2007 Southwestern Anthropological Association, Sacramento, California

  • Cristina Guardiola, “Trauma in Your Backyard: Social Networks and Their Impact on Victims, Criminals and Communities”
  • Katherine A. Stotts, “Tourography: Searching for a Coherent Identity in Yucatecan Fieldwork”
  • Nathan Turner, “Screw You, We’re from Texas: The Politics of Place and the Power to Resist in Texas Country Music”

2006 Southwestern Anthropological Association

  • Robyn Bridges-Castro, “¿Que es esta joteria?: Sexuality and Ethnicity Among Latina Queers”
  • Billy Ramos, “Representations of New and Old: Symbols of Antiquity and Contemporary Greek Society”