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Anthropology Capstone & Honors Projects

Anthropology Capstone Projects and Honors Theses

Spring 2016

Emily Grover, “‘The Community is the Greatest Work of Art’: Texas Art, History, and Identity at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts”

Drew Kotlarczyk, ”‘Learn With It and Lean With It’: Disability, Accommodation, Power, and Identity in Higher Education”

Jen O’Neal, “‘Heart to Help’: Performing Whiteness in Development NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Adriana Romero, “Assumption Sustained: How Race Functions in a Courtroom”

Daniel Ross, “Black Country, White Wilderness: Conservation, Colonialism, and Conflict in Tasmania”

Rhiana Stevens, “A Culture of Perception and  Discrepancy; Women’s Experiences with Violence in Tunisia”

Caroline Young, “Violence and Townships: Slashing Away the Post-Apartheid Rainbow Nation Illusion”

Spring 2015

Julia Estrada, You Ahead of the Game:  Exotic Dancers, Ambition, and Identities of Exploitation

Kaylynn Guerra, The Importance of Well-Being:  Group Exercise Among Kunming’s Elderly Citizens

Naima Kenny, “Don’t Start Nothin’, Won’t Be Nothin’”:  Navigating Intimate Spaces of Mixed Status

Annalise Kohrs, The Stained Glass Ceiling:  Females, Feminism and Faith

Rowan Prothro, Baytown, Texas:  Where Oil and Water Really Do Mix


Spring 2014

Tommie Behrenbeck, Redefining Myself: A Case Study of Eating Disorders

Lea Cantú, Survival to Success: My Journey from Homeless Youth to College Graduate, an Autoethnography

Susi Contreras, Coloring the Ivory Tower: A Critical Race Analysis of Latin@ Experiences in Higher Education

Carly Cooper, Mercury: Making People Mad Since 210 BC

Bailey Hayes, The Sacred Drunkenness: Social Perceptions and Realities of Alcoholism In Indigenous Andean Towns of Peru

Keeley Hooker,  Keeping Austin Gendered: Hegemonic Constructions of Masculinity and Modes of Resistance in Austin’s Live Music Scene

Allie Klein, Navigating Cancer, Alleviating Health Disparities: Oral Histories of Breast Cancer Patient Navigators

CJ Martínez, Fixing HIV Stigma: What Can Social Workers Teach Us about Solving Health Care Disparities?

Adrienne McClendon, Buildings that Build Communities: Living Learning Communities at Southwestern

Sarah Puffer,  A Rosy Thorn: The Import and Export of Meaning in the Ecuadorian Floriculture

Karen Ramirez, Fielding Gender: Gender Performance and Identity in Women’s Softball at Southwestern University”

Lauren Saylor, (Re)Making Self: Gender Identity Formation by Female to Male Transgenderists in Amsterdam

Spring 2013

Alejandra Benitez,

Fehima Dawy, Fitting into the Ideals of a “New India” after Breast Cancer: Survivor Stories from Mumbai, India

Kristi Lenderman, Chilean Intercultural Education and Contentious Identities: Constructions of Sexuality and Gender in the Mapuche Community

Marianne  Lynch, I’m an animal, you’re an animal too: looking at the human/nonhuman animal divide through the human-canine bond

MLe McWilliams, Mermaids, Mythology & Marble: A Search for Identity in a Multitude of Conflicting Selves

Chloe Morris, Nexus of Healing: The Experiences of Female Bedu Healers in Jordan

Victoria Phillips, Fear is Contagious: The Influence of the Violence in Juarez, Mexico on El Paso, Texas Residents

Carlie Sulpizio, Forging Identities: Conflict Resolution and Performance in Northern Ireland

Spring 2012

Griffin Ferry, “Physio-Neutral Expectivity: Gender Performativity, Heteronormativity and Males with Eating Disorders”

Melissa Garcia, “Navigating Ambiguity: Solidifying Transnational Chicana and Nicaragüense Identities with a Mestiza Consciousness”

Katie Kemper, “Rice Cones and Pig Skin: The Impacts of Globalization on Balinese Identity”

Alexis Kropf, “Pro-Life, Pro-Voice: Perceptions of Abortion and their Biopolitical Regulation in Arica, Chile”

Krystina Maloukis, “Culture and Conflict: The Story of Family in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda.”

Zoë Martin, “‘A Whole New Brawl Game’: Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby as Embodied Counter-Hegemonic Resistance”

Elizabeth Marzec, “From Frog Legs to Fries: Identity, Food and Globalization in Toulouse, France”

Meagan Moore, “The Story of Adherence: Living with HIV/AIDS”

Adriana Saad, “The Interaction of the Alternative, the Ancestral, and Western Medicine: A Modern Representation of the Castas System in Equador


Spring 2011

Amanda Doenges, We Will Provide, Women Decide: The Ecuadorian Movement for Legalization of Abortion

Kelly Holt, To Sea a World in a Grain of Sand: Environmentalism, Tourism, and Development in the Philippines

Ursula James, Selective Engagement: Heritage Tourism in Hoi An, Vietnam

Matt Kamas, Domestic Border Struggles: The Adoptive Family as a Borderland

Fernando Leon, Upward Bound: Creating Community

Laura Mitchell, You are What You Eat: Food, Identity and Globalization in Cusco, Pero

Hannah Yterdal, The Horses Were Telling Me: Ableism, speciesism, and the human-horse relationship in a therapeutic riding program for special needs individuals

Sarah Wiggins, Trading in Their Heritage?: Lamu Town, Kenya and Modern Port Development


Spring 2010

Hailey Easley, The ‘New Woman’:  Perceptions of Womanhood in New Delhi, India

Julia Poplawsky, “Crossing the Strait: An Investigation of the Moroccan Immigrant Experience in Spain”


Spring 2009

Carolyn Acker, “Breaking the Silence:  Friendship and Anthropology”

Nadia Alareksoussi, “The Medical Institution and Transgender Bodies:  Listening to Transgender People’s Experiences Dealing with Medical Care”

Noah Bickford, “‘Acting Gay,’:  Negotiating a Gay Male Identity Within Performance and Masculinity”

Katie Glanz, “Beauty and Agency:  An Exploration of Women and Beauty Culture in South India”

Amber Meinardus, “Working Towards Empowerment:  International NGOs and Senegalese Fisheries”

Tanlyn Roelofs, “‘To Belong or Not To Belong:’  Hybrid Identity Among the Muslim Diaspora in the Netherlands”

Eryn Snyder, “The ‘Real Bedik:’ Authenticity, Identity and Agency in Marketing Culture for the Tourist Gaze”


Spring 2008

Shauna Davidson, “Orphan Care in Senegal”

Tricia Dickson, “Little Emperors Wear Prada: The One Child Policy and Globalization in Shanghai”

Rachael Die, “A Vicious Cycle? The Use of Violence in the Mapuche Land Reclamation Movement”

Miles Elsee, “Digging in the Dirt for Answers: Archaeologists and Native Americans in the U.S. West”

Lauren Griebel, “The Other Side of the Islands: HIV/AIDS in Fiji”
Luke Jasper, “Hippie Jihad”

Casey McAuliffe, “Young Mothers and a Young Anthropology Student”


Spring 2007

Emily Calhoun (International Studies), “Whole Foods and Farmers’ Markets: An Examination of the Social Class Connections to Organic Food Consumption”

Cristina Guardiola, “Trauma in Your Backyard: Social Networks and Their Impact on Victims, Criminals and Communities in South Africa”

Katherine Stotts, “Tourography: Searching for a Coherent Identity in Yucatecan Fieldwork”

Nathan Turner, “Screw You, We’re From Texas: The Politics of Place and the Power to Resist in Texas Country Music”


Spring 2006

Amy Beth Beaver (International Studies Major), “Making the World a Better Place: Reconstructing the Role of Foreign Individuals and Organizations in International Development”

Robyn Bridges, “Que es esta Joteria?: Sexuality and Ethnicity among Latina Queers”

Erin Cooper, “Racial Tension and White Privilege in Bay City High School”

Daniel Ehrlich, “Processes of Assimilation and Identity Performance in an Alcoholic Recovery Support Group”

Anita Fernandez (Independent Major in Latin American Studies), “El Orgullo de la Pertenencia The Pride of Identity Ownership in Mexico and the United States”

Ali Hendley, “Hablas Espanol?: Identity, Power, and Language Negotiation”

Joel Harrington, “Reconfiguring Development: Local agency in a Rajasthan Development NGO”

Billy Ramos, “Representations of New and Old: Symbols of Antiquity and Contemporary Greek Society”

Katherine Wright, “Floors of Exchange: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Open-Air Markets”

Matt Zielsdorf (International Studies Major), “Taboo Tools of Resistance: A Study of Language Taboos”


Spring 2005

Casey Heideman, “Marginal Winds: Windsurfers as a Resistant Community”

Claire Phillips, “Interactions Between Conservation Efforts and Local Communities”

Josh Rosenthal, “International Patent Law and Traditional Agriculture in the Global South”

Ana Villalobos, “Development in a Changing World: Finding the Good Life”

Cassie Whitaker, “Gender, Identity and Class within Latin American Dance”


Spring 2004

Matthew Beebe, “Dread Ina Texas”

James Grizzard, “Rap Life and Rational Consumer Culture”

Santiago Guerra, “Narcotown, USA: Drug Trafficking on the US-Mexico Border”

Karl Shaw, “Briston: Defended Neighborhood on the Brink”


Spring 2003

Claire Campbell and Jennifer Meckel, “The Unnatural Lens: Looking at the Landscape in Travel Photography and Magazine Advertisements”

Mimi Garcia, “Crisis and Manipulation: The Rhetoric of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Campaign”

Hillary Hunter, “A Photo essay of the 2002-2003 Anti War Movement”

Leslie Nairn, “To Recycle or Not to Recycle? A Personal Survey of the Recycling Environment at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas”

Marisa Miller, “The End of Nomadism?”

Steve Smith, “Anti-Heroes: Identity and Commodity in Skateboarding”

Emily Williams, “Why Can’t We Be Friends? Anthropology and Church-Sponsored International Service Work”


Honors Theses

Ursula James, “Selective Engagement: Heritage Tourism in Hoi An, Vietnam.” (Committee Members:  Melissa Johnson (thesis advisor), Eric Selbin, and Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton.

Nathan Turner, “Nashville Sucks”: Resistance, Authenticity, Tradition and Sponsorship in Texas Country Music.” Committee Members: Melissa Johnson (thesis advisor), Dan C. Hilliard, Eric A. Selbin and John Ore. Spring 2007.

Claire Campbell, “Wild Quiet: Traveling in the Margins.” Committee Members: Melissa Johnson (thesis advisor), Emily Niemeyer, and Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton. Spring 2003.