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  • Dr. Kain’s co-authored article (with Stephen Sweet and Kevin McElrath) titled “The Coordinated Curriculum:  How Institutional Theory Can Be Used to Catalyze Revision of the Sociology Major” has been published on-line in the peer-reviewed journal, Teaching Sociology.  The article can be viewed here.
  • Dr. Byron is included in WalletHub’s “2014 Best and Worst States for Women’s Equality,” as one of twenty-six experts from around the country to discuss various aspects of the 2013 Global Gender Gap Report. You can read the article and Dr. Byron’s comments here. 
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    Papers written for classes in kinesiology, sociology, Spanish and theatre each bring their authors $1,000
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    Paper examines how restaurant servers cope with rude customers
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    Dr. Sendejo’s chapter “Methodologies of the Spirit:  Reclaiming Our Lady of Guadalupe and Discovering Tonantzin Within and Beyond the Nepantla of Academia” was published in the anthology Fleshing the Spirit:  Spirituality and Activism in Chicana, Latina, and Indigenous Women’s Lives (edited by Elisa Facio and Irene Lara, University of Arizona Press, 2014).
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    Sociology professor also teaches one of the most popular fitness classes on campus
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    Sociology professor’s research sheds new light on pregnancy-related firings
  • Research focuses on how upcoming changes in the MCAT® may affect sociology and psychology departments as well as pre-medical advising across the country
  • Dr. Nenga and Dr. Johnson are part of research teams awarded ACS grants.  Dr. Nenga is part of a team that will organize an interdisciplinary workshop on social class research.  Dr. Johnson is part of a team developing a digital library of environmental justice materials.  Click the link above to learn more.
  • Megan Robinson (Sociology, ’13) has had a paper titled “I’m Feeding the World Tonight: The Impact of Moral Identity Standards on Mobile Loaves and Fishes Homeless Outreach Ministry,” published in The Journal of Undergraduate Ethnography. Robinson wrote the paper in the fall 2012 Sociology capstone class taught by Maria Lowe.  You can read the paper here:
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    Dr. Johnson’s environmental research in socionature-scape in Central Belize
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    Fehima Dawy, considers herself passionate, genuine, outspoken, goofy and thoughtful. The anthropology major was a biology lab assistant, a resident assistant, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and studied abroad in India. She says her Southwestern Experience was transformative and, as a result, sees her future as limitless.
  • Brenda Sendejo published an article titled “The Cultural Production of Spiritual Activisms: Gender, Social Justice, and the Remaking of Religion in the Borderlands” in the spring 2013 issue of Chicana/Latina Studies:The Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social.
  • The new edition of Edward L. Kain’s co-authored monograph (with Kathleen Piker-King, Keith A. Roberts, Katherine Rowell, Mary Scheuer Senter and Gregory L. Weiss), Applying for a Faculty Position in a Teaching-Oriented Institution, 3rd ed., has been published and will be available at the 2013 American Sociological Association meeting in New York City.
  • Maria R. Lowe, Reginald A. Byron, Griffin Ferry (Anthro, ‘12) and Melissa J. Garcia (Anthro ‘12) had their co-authored article, “Food for Thought: Frequent Interracial Dining Experiences as a Predictor of Students’ Racial Climate Perceptions,” published in The Journal of Higher Education. 84(4): 569-400. Lowe is corresponding author; Lowe & Byron are co-first authors.
  • Lea Cantu, a senior Anthropology major, is featured on the Dell Foundation website.
  • Kristen McCollum (Sociology ‘12) published an article titled “The Art of Collective Identity: How an Art from the Streets Program Fosters a Sense of Community Among the Homeless,” in the June 2013 issue of the The Journal of Undergraduate Ethnography.  Click here to read a copy of the article.  Kristen wrote this paper for the fall 2011 Sociology Capstone course.
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    Two seniors and one recent graduate will travel to New York in August for an opportunity to meet sociologists from around the country
  • A heartfelt congrats to the 2013 Anthropology and Sociology Graduates:  Alex Benitez, Andrew Cantu, Lorenza Cigarroa, Fehima Dawy, Anna Fetchick, Casey Hatfield, Charlotte Law, Kristi Lenderman, Marianne Lynch, Zoe Martin, MLe McWilliams, Chloe Morris, Victoria Phillips, Megan Robinson, Carlie Sulpzio, Laura Wooden, and Caroline Wright. All of the department faculty members wish you the very best in your future endeavors! Stay in touch.
  • Two graduating seniors, Anna Fetchick (Sociology) and Kristi Lenderman (Anthropology)  were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the country’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society, May 2013.  Shown here with Dr. Edward Kain, a faculty member of Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Kristi Lenderman, Anthropology senior, won second place in the 2013 Southwestern Anthropological Association Student Paper Competition for her Spring 2013 capstone paper titled, “Chilean Intercultural Education and Contentious Identities: Constructions of Sexuality and Gender in the Mapuche Community” Kristi presented her paper at the annual meeting of the conference in San Jose, California on April 19 and was  honored at the conference’s banquet that evening. She received a check for $100. Kristi wrote her paper in Dr. Melissa Johnson’s capstone course.
  • Kristian Lenderman won the 2013 Gwen Kennedy Neville Award for outstanding graduating senior in Anthropology and Anna Fetchick received the 2013 Frank E. Luksa Award for outstanding graduating senior in Sociology.
  • Megan Robinson, Sociology senior, won second place in the 2013 Alpha Kappa Delta national undergraduate sociology paper competition for her fall 2012 capstone paper titled, “I’m Feeding the World Tonight: The Impact of Moral Identity Standards on Mobile Loaves and Fishes Homeless Outreach Ministry.” This year, there were a total of 56 papers submitted for the 2013 AKD undergraduate paper competition.  Megan will receive a check for $250 and has also been invited to the American Sociological Association meeting in New York City in August 2013 where she will participate in, and present her paper during, the American Sociological Association’s Honors Program.  Megan wrote her paper in Dr. Maria Lowe’s capstone course.
  • Juniors Susana Contreras (Anthropology and Sociology) and Nathan Tuttle (Sociology) have been chosen to participate in the 2013 American Sociological Association’s Honors Program. Susana and Nathan will both travel to New York City in August to present their empirical research papers. Susi’s research paper titled “Silencing and Celebrating: How Professors React to the Personal Experiences of Students of Color” was written under the direction of Dr. Sandi Nenga and Nathan’s paper titled “Attitudes Toward Immigrant Workers in the United States and Argentina” was written under the guidance of Dr. Reggie Byron.
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    Dr. Melissa Johnson’s book chapter, titled “Environment” in James Carrier and Deborah Gewertz (eds.). Handbook of Sociocultural Anthropology, has been published by Bloomsbury Press (London).
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    In Fall 2013, Dr. Reggie Byron (Sociology) and Dr. Elisabeth Piedmont-Marton (English) will be teaching in the London Semester Program.  This will be a great opportunity for Sociology and Anthropology students to study abroad.  Application deadline is April 1st.
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    Anthropology Major, Student Foundation, SEAK, Harp, Ceramics, Roller Derby
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    Sociology Major, Paideia Scholar, Resident Assistant Student Peace Alliance, Volunteer
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    Dr. Sandi Nenga’s co-edited book, titled Youth Engagement: The Civil-Political Lives of Children and Youth (Emerald Group Publishing Limited), is now available for pre-order.
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    Sandi Nenga published an article titled “Not the community, but a community: Transforming youth into citizens through volunteer work” in the December 2012 issue of the Journal of Youth Studies, an international journal headquartered in Glasgow, UK.

Dr. Kain’s co-authored article (with Stephen Sweet and Kevin McElrath) titled “The Coordinated Curriculum:  How Institutional Theory Can Be Used to Catalyze Revision of the Sociology Major” has been published on-line in the peer-reviewed journal, Teaching Sociology.  The article can be viewed here.