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Sociology & Anthropology

Alpha Kappa Delta

Our department is home of the Texas Alpha Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the national sociology honorary society.

Students are eligible for induction into the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta if they:

  • are a junior or senior
  • have declared a sociology major or minor
  • have completed a minimum of 16 hours of graded sociology credit at SU
  • have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.3
  • and have a minimum grade point average in sociology courses of 3.6. 

Eligible students are invited to membership each January and are recognized as a group at the annual honors assembly each February. Dr. Sandi Nenga is the faculty sponsor. Recent inductees are listed below.

Brenna Conway, Holly O’Hara 

Claire Blyth, Sarah Matthews, Kelly McKeon, Cadie Pullig, Sarah Surgeoner, Melanie Theriault

Guillermo Alvarado, Jennifer Breaux, Caroline Gaspard, Daryan Green, Jessica Jones, Bethany Lewis, Mitchell Petersen, Marta Selby

Joanna Hawkins, Kelsey Kisor

Isaac Bernal, Brianna Billingsley, Heather Burns, Casey Hatfield, Nicole Hewitt, Lindsey Honeycutt, Alice Nguyen, Megan Robinson, Carley Taylor, Nathan Tuttle, Caroline Wright

Alex Barnes, Lorenza Cigarroa, Callie Dyer, Anna Fetchick, Krystina Maloukis, Kristen McCollum 

Alex Brown, Lauren Hamlett, Callie Paige, Kate Roberts, Whitney Rominger, Megan Satterfield


Alex Anderson, Amy Crook, Patrick Egan, Joy Fears, Sarah Fritz, Jess Herbst, Lindsay Loocke, Toni Nietfeld, Robin Pulliam

Natasha Azizi, Tristine Baccam, Phillip Cantu, Laura Evanoff, Carly Morris, Anne Olson, Nicole Powell, Grace Stafford, Laura Talbert

Lauren Cox, Rachael Die, Meagan Elliott, Sarah Fankhauser, Jacque Holden, Mary Kierst, Lydia Rudy, Allison Worley

Kelsie Alstead, Alice May Berthelsen, Courtney Clegg, Lauren Contreras, Haley Garth, Jessica Tonahill, Krys Wyatt