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Alumni Directory

The following is a list of some of our past graduates and where they are today.

All of these alumni have said they would be willing to visit with current students about their occupations and life after college. They may also have insights about graduate training, job preparation, and careers. You can click on the highlighted names to e-mail them. This information was originally collected by the Research Methods class in the fall of 2005. It was updated with information from an alumni survey completed in the Fall of 2010.  This more recent survey was done by four sociology majors working with Dr. Edward L. Kain.  Alumni who wish to be added to the directory can contact Dr. Maria Lowe.


Degree - Year Position
Bialostosky, Meagan Sociology - 2005 Human Resources Administrator
Granger, Dene Sociology - 2005 Office of the Governor- Committee on People with Disabilities; Austin , TX
Gregg, Bethany Sociology/Communication - 2005 Recruiting/Operations Coordinator
Cardiff, Melanie (Kurtz) Sociology, Feminist Studies - 2005 Human Resources Generalist
Reynolds, Ariel Sociology/Feminist Studies -  2005 Case Manager for Children’s HOME Initiative and Parenting in Recovery Programs through Foundation Communities in Austin
Schwartz, Robin Sociology/Feminist Studies - 2005 Safeplace Resource Advocate through Americorps
Story, Jessica J. Sociology/Religion - 2005 Enrollment Specialist; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas ; Austin , TX
Tefft, Katherine “Katie” (Kroll) Sociology, Economics - 2004 Program Attorney with the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center
McNett, Yesenia Anthropology - 2004 Practice Manager at veterinary hospital
Stewart, Emily Sociology - 2004  
Watkins, Pat Anthropology - 2004 Soccer Coach and Self Employed Painter
Baran, Michelle Kristin Belt Sociology - 2003 Mother
Broyles, Jonathan Sociology - 2003 Special Education Teacher for Ft. Worth ISD
Christofferson, Sarah Sociology/Communication - 2003 Team Leader / Child Advocacy Specialist at CASA of Travis County
Meckel Stotts, Jennifer Anthropology/Sociology - 2003 Senior Coordinator of Convention Marketing; Scholastic, Inc.; New York , NY
Stroud, Angela Sociology/Feminist Studies - 2003 PhD Candidate; University of Texas at Austin
Wimberly, Kelli A. Sociology - 2003 Program Coordinator for Golden Crescent C.A.S.A.; Investigator for Child Protective Services
Froelich, Andrew Sociology - 2002 Bexar County Assistant District Attorney
Ahmed, Tanveer Sociology/Anthropology - 2001 Director of Admissions, Sanford-Brown Institute
Aryes, C. Adam Sociology - 2001 Property Manager/HOA Manager at Property Management of Texas
Bruce, Tricia C. Sociology/Communication - 2001 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Maryville College, Maryville, TN
  Sociology/Communication - 2001 Doctoral Candidate in Sociology; University of California , Santa Barbara
Cuny, Erin Sociology - 2001 Assistant Director/Pre-School Teacher
Lassen, Robert D. Sociology - 2001 Graduate Student in archeology at TAMU
Barker, Eryn Kaiser Sociology/Spanish - 2000 Spanish Immersion Teacher
Chavez, Arianna Sociology - 2000 Educational Support Specialist
Buchanan, Emily Berge r Sociology/Communication - 1999 Stay-at-home Mom, Austin
Koenig, Lauren Sociology - 1999 Director of Communications, Bear Creek United Methodist Church , Houston
Munoz, Henrietta, Dr. Anthropology/Political Science - 1999 Culture, Literacy and Language Bilingual Bicultural Studies Division, University of Texas at San Antonio
Pieper, Amy M. Sociology - 1999 Graduate Student
Taylor , Wenona Cave Anthropology - 1999 Student/Assistant Manager
Trautner, Mary Nell Sociology - 1998 Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo SUNY
Bounds Baumle, Amanda Sociology - 1997 Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Contreras, Gilbert, M.E.D. Sociology - 1997 Academic Counselor & Assistant Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program at St. Edwards University
Smith Edwards, Amy Sociology - 1997 Parent Counselor, YWCA of Greater Austin
Goosby, Bridget Sociology - 1997 Assistant Professor, Sociology and Ethnic Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Medina , Dr. Elizabeth Guillory Sociology/Psychology - 1997 Student Affairs Administrator; The University of Texas at Austin
Dowling, Dr. Julie Sociology/English - 1997 Assistant Professor, Latina/Latino Studies Program; The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Currier, Melanie (Rast) Sociology - 1997 Public Health and Research consultant
Factor, Analitza Gonzales Sociology/Communication - 1996 Mother
Mabry, Brian Theater/Sociology - 1996 Planning Director, City of Temple, TX
Wilkerson, Amy Whitlock Sociology/Women’s Studies - 1996 Health Care Administrator
Domatti, Renata Psychology and Sociology - 1995 Lead Case Manager/Social Worker at Cornerstone hospital
Dykehouse, Pamela L. Sociology - 1995 Pastor
Roberts, Jenny Terry Sociology/Spanish - 1995 Youth Minister
Turner, Marie Sociology - 1995 Senior System Analyst, Navisite, Inc.; Houston , TX
Wivagg, Jon Sociology - 1995 Research Manager, NuStats DataSource, Assit, Proff of Sociology at Texas State ; San Marcos , TX
Franz, Rachel Sandersq Sociology/English - 1994 Attorney, Barkley Martinex, P.C.; Denver, Colorado
Imhoff Mabey, Elizabeth Sociology - 1994 Attorney, Barkley Martinez, P.C.; Denver, Colorado
Philips, Randall Sociology - 1994 Business Consultant & Senior Training Specialist
Renker, Cheryl Sociology - 1994 Realtor
Tubbs- Carbone, Terri Sociology/Psychology - 1994 BenchMark Physical Therapy; Chattanooga , TN
Mackay, Jamieson Sociology - 1993 Vice President; Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union; Pasadena , TX
Patten, Kim Essary Sociology - 1992 Mother
Perz, Steven G.   Sociology/Psychology - 1992 Associate Professor of Sociology - U of FL
Saint, Alexis Milam Sociology - 1992 Graduate Student
Wagner, Dana K. Sociology - 1992 Program Director
McKinney, Craig Sociology/English - 1991 High School Gifted Specialist/English Team Leader
Rembert, Christine Leonard Sociology - 1991 Minister of Children and Youth
Holloman, Karen Sociology - 1990 Director of Programs and Volunteers at Christian Community Service Center , Houston
Immel, Shelly Sociology and German - 1990 CFO and Owner of Obsidian Technical Communications
Marrero, Lorie Sociology - 1990 CEO/Owner; Living Order, Inc.; Austin , TX
Nelson, Shannon G. Sociology/Communication - 1990 Mother & Personal Trainer
Powell, Karen Quadrini Sociology - 1990 Market Communications Program Manager
Triozzi, Lara Stewart Sociology - 1990 President and Owner of MarketLauncher, Inc., Orlando
Purcell, Piper Sociology/History - 1989 Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
Steger, Jodie M. Sociology - 1989 Retired
Zorn, Daniel Sociology/History - 1988 Director of Fund Development, AVANCE; Houston , TX
Smith Edwards, Amy Sociology - 1987 Parent Counselor, YWCA of Greater Austin, TX
Concelman, Tara Hulse Sociology - 1985 Teacher - learning diabilities, high functioning autism
Cree, Mary Gelber Sociology/German  - 1983 Registered Nurse
Lufburrow, Steve Sociology - 1981 President/CEO; Goodwill Industries of Houston ; Houston , TX
Adams, Becky J. Bendikesen Sociology - 1980 Warden II
Worley, Dan Sociology - 1977 Retired Social Worker
Ritchea, Bernard P. Sociology - 1975 Pastor
Barrett, Kathy Sociology - 1971 Licensed Professional Counselor - Samaritan Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care, Workforce Center Operations Mgr
Reynolds, Sara Scucany Sociology/Psychology - 1971 Educator/Consultant - Adult Education
Ammann, Lillian Nicholson Sociology - 1968 Publisher and Editor in Chief and Freelance Writer and Editor
Ward, Donald E. Sociology/History - 1964 High School Teacher; Sandy Utah
Salter, M. Jo Sociology - 1962 Counselor/Faculty
Tavoularis, Nia - Evanston Northwestern Hospital Auxillary, Project Manager, IL
Johnston Johnson, Jill Sociology-1987 Reference Librarian, Fairfax County Public Library, VA
Lynas, Gregory Independent (Anthropology / Archeology) 1998 Operations Coordinator - Frito Lay (Transportation & Logistics)
Hart, Shannon Sociology / Anthropology 1990 Learning Strategist, Hart Consulting Group
Holcombe, George Sociology 1955 UM Clergy Retired / Developed Villages in SE Asia
Webb, Amy Sociology 1999 Stay-at-home Mom (PhD in Human Development & Family Sciences)
Luz Villalobos, Ana Political Science / Anthropology 1990 Director of Policy and Programs, Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce
Williams Murphree, Rachel Sociology & English 2000 Benefits Administrator
Berthelsen, Alice May Sociology 2007 Volunteer Coordinator, Ten Thousand Villages of Austin
Dunton (Davis), Tricia Sociology 2005 BBA Career Advisor and BA101 Lecturer at UT-Austin
McKee, Amy E., MA, MS, PA - Physician Assistant
Engler, Josh Sociology 1995 Policy Associate - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Alstead, Kelsie Sociology 2006 Cardiovascular Perfusionist
Bean, Amos Sociology 2007 Special Education Teacher
Faulk, Cody Sociology 2008 Law Clerk at Davidson & Troilo P.C., Saint Mary’s University Law School Candidate for Juris Doctorate 2011
Espe, Debbie Sociology 1997 Real Estate Broker
Koch, Rankin Sociology 1967 Temple District Superintendent, Central Texas Conference, The United Methodist Church
Apgar, Lauren Sociology 2008 Sociology Graduate Student, Indiana University - Bloomington
Murphy, Meaghen Sociology 1996 Medical Social Worker, Legacy Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine
Morgan, Gavin Sociology 1991 Township Manager, Oak Park, IL
Tyrrasch Shockley, Kathy Sociology 1994 Quality Assurance Director, Walnut Place Nursing Home, Dallas, Texas
Callaway, Amber Sociology 2004 Information Officer, USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance
Hamlett, Lauren Sociology 2010 Clinical Research Coordinator at UNT Health Science Center
Ayres, Adam Sociology 2001 Community Connections Specialist, Executive Networks, Inc.
Powell, Nicole Sociology 2009 Master of Science in Social Work Student, the University of Texas-Austin
Contreras, Lauren R. Sociology 2007 Project Specialist, TRiO Program, OUr Lady of the Lake University
Die, Rachael Anthropology / Sociology 2008 Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin, 2012 Candidate for M.A. in Latin American Studies & M.S. Community and Regional Planning
Wagner, Dana K. Sociology 1992 Community Education Liaison
Soloman, Stuart Sociology 1983 President and COO, Public Service Company of Oklahoma (Electrical Utility)
Elliott, Meagan M. Sociology 2007 Ph.D. Program in Sociology - The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
Goosby, Bridget Sociology 1997 Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Edwads (Hollis), Kirsten French / Sociology 2003 Legal Assistant
Phillips, Claire Anthropology 2005 Wildlife Biologist (USGS) Las Vegas, NV
Rudy, Lydia Sociology 2008 Youth Counselor / Teacher, Eckerd Youth Alternatives, North Carolina
Boyd Martin, Heather Sociology 1992 Stay at Home Parent (Former Planned Giving & donor Relations Coordinator)
Dorsey, Margaret Sociology & Political Science 1996 Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Curator
Dabney, Melissa Gail Sociology & Women’s Studies 2000 Assistant Professor of Sociology at community college and Dance Instructor
Giblin, Steven (Michael) Sociology 1975 Photographer (Background in Insurance Business)
Ross, Jenna Sociology 2007 Special Education Teacher
Koutroulis, Leslie 1991 Finance Director for Network Engineering Functions, T-Mobile
McCarty, Nate Sociology 1992 Property Manager at Transamerica Pyramid, Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Bridges-Castro, Robyn Sociology & Feminist Studies 2006 Second Year Law Student at Oklahoma City University School of Law
Hendley, Ali Sociology & Anthropology 2006 Graduate Student - Department of Sociology - University of California, Santa Barbara
Hay, Carter Economics & Sociology 1993 Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University>/td>
Barton, Paul 1983 Associate Professor, Seminary of the Southwest
Kamen, Erin “Sociology 2008 Convervatorship Specialist - Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Boren, Shed, PhD History 1987 Ceo, Sister Emmanuel Hospital
Mack, Rob - Web Developer
Hulse Concelman, Tara Sociology 1985 Independent Consultion - Behavior Coach for Parents and Teachers
Absher, Karen - Director of Development Healthcare for the Homless
Birch, Simon Sociology 1990 Instructional Technologist Gettysburg College
Stafford, Grace Sociology 2009 Coalition Specialist - San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Use
Miller, Andy Sociology 1993 Executive Vice President - Mission, Lance Armstrong Foundation - LIVESTRONG
Meckel Stotts, Jennifer Anthropology / Sociology 2003 Sr. Coordinator, Convention Marketing, Scholastic, Inc.
Flahive Irwin, Claire Sociology 2000 Bilingual Service Coordinator at the Non-Profit Family Eldercare in Austin
Lufborrow, Joan Sociology & Education 1981 Director of Welcoming Ministry St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
Fankhauser, Sarah Sociology & Economics 2008 Assistant Director / Case Manage, Casa Marianella
Reynolds, Ariel Sociology and Feminist Studies 2005 Case Manager, Children’s HOME initiative and Parenting in recovery programs through Foundation Communities in Austin
Sandifer, Rachael Sociology 1993 Pastor, Cathedral of Hope Mid-Cities (UCC)
Lay, Arianna Lay - Academic Advisor