Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

Race & Ethnicity Studies

Our Faculty

Program Committee Members

Melissa Johnson, Omar Rivera, Alison Kafer, Joan Parks, and Angeles Rodriguez Cadena

Core Faculty

  • Professor of Anthropology
    (512) 863-1406
    Mood-Bridwell 310
    Specialty: Topical: Nature, the non-human and the human; Race and Racism; Environment; Conservation; Development Social Theory; Environmental History; Tourism; Gender. Area: Belize; Caribbean; U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Central Texas

Contributing Faculty

Race and Ethnicity Studies faculty regularly teach cross-listed courses with RES and/or are engaged in and supportive of research in RES. Students interested in connections between RES and other academic disciplines are encouraged to contact the affiliated faculty in those departments.

  • Associate Professor of Music
    (512) 863-1374
    Fine Arts 217
    Specialty: Guitar, Music Theory, Music Technology
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
    (512) 863-1131
    Kyle E. White 103
    Specialty: Political Philosophy; Critical Theory
  • Associate Professor of History
    (512) 863-1501
    Mood-Bridwell 215
    Specialty: Modern European History,  France and the French Empire, Migration, Muslims and the Islamic World,Human Rights,Humanitarianism 
  • Associate Professor of Sociology
    (512) 863-1419
    Mood-Bridwell 309
    Specialty: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Stratification; Employment and Campus Climates; Criminology; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods 
  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1625
    Olin 312
    Specialty: Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1667
    Olin 317
    Specialty: Second Language Acquisition, Hispanic Linguistics, Interactional Competence
  • Associate Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1664
    Fine Arts 233
    Specialty: Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America
  • Assistant Professor of History
    (512) 863-1428
    Mood-Bridwell 214
    Specialty: Geographic: Mexico, Latin AmericaThematic: Medicine, Public Health, and Science
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of History
    (512) 863-1574
    Mood-Bridwell 220
    Specialty: U.S. History, Labor and Politics in Modern America, Social Movements, Urban History, Policy History 
  • Professor of Theatre
    (512) 863-1368
    Fine Arts 306
    Specialty: Movement and Alexander TechniqueBrown Distinguished Teaching Professor 2001-2004
  • Professor of Feminist Studies
    (512) 863-1417
    Mood-Bridwell 314
    Specialty: Disability Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory, Activism
  • Associate Professor of English
    (512) 863-1562
    Mood-Bridwell 210
    Specialty: Eighteenth-century British literature, postcolonial literature, literary theory
  • Professor of Sociology
    (512) 863-1936
    Mood-Bridwell 317
    Specialty: Race relations and racism, gender construction and performance, surveillance studies, campus climate research (race, gender, and sexual orientation), the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, social movements and activism
  • Professor of Political Science
    (512) 863-1407
    Mood-Bridwell 243
  • Associate Professor of Religion
    (512) 863-1964
    Kyle E. White 111
    Specialty: I am a specialist in Native American religious studies, and am particularly interested in narrative/folklore, identity, and the active role of place in native religious activity.  I also teach courses on Sacred Space, Gender and Sexuality, Myth and Narrative, and other non-textual religious traditions.
  • Professor of English and Holder of McManis University Chair
    (512) 863-1492
    Mood-Bridwell 207
    Specialty: Jewish American Literature and Film, Feminist Theory, Gothic Studies, Interdisciplinarity and the Liberal Arts in the 21st Century
  • Assistant Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1057
    Fine Arts 238
    Specialty: East Asian Art History; Art and Archaeology of Early China
  • Associate Professor of Education
    (512) 863-1975
    Mood-Bridwell 232
    Specialty: Multiculturalism/Culturally Responsive Teaching; Differentiated Instruction for diverse populations; Early Childhood Best Practices
  • Professor of Sociology
    (512) 863-1412
    Mood-Bridwell 308
    Specialty: Children and youth; social class; volunteer work and civic engagement; qualitative methods
  • Associate Professor of Communication Studies
    (512) 863-1061
    Olin 310
    Specialty: Rhetorical theory and criticism, feminist movements, third wave feminism, environmental rhetoric, Kenneth Burke.
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
    (512) 863-1749
    Kyle E. White 113
    Specialty: Latin American Philosophy, Decolonial Philosophy, Race and Ethnicity, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy
  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1573
    Olin 306
    Specialty:  Contemporary Mexican and Latin American Literature and Culture.
  • Professor of Spanish
    (512) 863-1421
    Olin 316
    Specialty: I fell in love with the Spanish language at an early age, and I have studied it ever since. In college, I spent time in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Madrid, Spain. During my graduate studies, I discovered post-Franco Spanish literature, and that became the focus of my academic career. Teaching Spanish language classes helps me remember those moments when another language starts to make sense, when you really start to gain proficiency. It is exciting to see my students go through that process. In my upper level courses, I focus on twentieth and twenty-first century peninsular Spanish literature and film, especially focusing on issues of race and gender. Most of my students start out unfamiliar with these topics, or at least unfamiliar with the topics from a Spanish perspective. Together we discover how literature and film can represent --and misrepresent--culture. 
  • Professor of Political Science
    (512) 863-1604
    Mood-Bridwell 242
    Specialty: Comparative Politics (Comparative Revolutions; Contentious Politics; Latin American and Caribbean Politics; Ideologies); International Politics (Peace and Conflict; IR Theory); Political Sociology.
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology
    (512) 863-1409
    Mood-Bridwell 309
    Specialty: Anthropology of religion, Mexican American spiritualities and indigenous heritage, gender and racialization, and Chicana feminisms. Geographic specialization: U.S. - Mexico Borderlands, Central and South Texas.
  • Instructor of Environmental Studies and GIS Lab Mgr
    (512) 863-1646
    Mood-Bridwell 121
    Specialty: GIScience, Geomorphology, Geomorphometry, LiDAR, Remote Sensing, Ecological Modeling, Hydrology, Water Resources, Sustainability Science, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science
    (512) 863-1587
    Mood-Bridwell 212
    Specialty: political communication, political psychology, political behavior, public opinion
  • Associate Professor of Communication Studies
    (512) 863-1668
    Olin 307
    Specialty: Rhetorical Theory; Rhetorical Criticism; Popular Neuroscience; Critical Health Studies; Rhetoric and Civil Rights