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Race & Ethnicity Studies


Minor in Race and Ethnicity Studies: Five courses across at least three disciplines, 12 credits of which must be upper level. (Minors consist of a minimum of 18 credits.)

One core course from:

  • RES 37-184 Theories of Race
  • RES 37-264 Race and Ethnicity
  • RES 37-454 Race and Ethnicity, and Communication

Two supporting courses from:

  • RES 37-214 Introduction to Native Traditions of the Americas
  • RES 37-294 Indigenous Rhetorical Sovereignty
  • RES 37-324 Latina/os and Education in the U.S.
  • RES 37-344 Race, Class and Gender in the Caribbean
  • RES 37-354 Latina/o and Latin American Spiritualities
  • RES 37-384 Rastas, Saints and Virgins: Ethnic Religions in the U.S.
  • RES 37-414 Race and Immigration in Spanish Literature
  • RES 37-444 Apartheid in Film and Literature
  • RES 37-494 The Rhetoric of Civil Rights
  • RES 37-554 Schools, Society and Diversity
  • RES 37-664 American Indians in Media
  • RES 37-764 American Ethnic Literature

Two Elective courses from:

  • RES 37-064 Colonial and Postcolonial Worlds
  • RES 37-074 Nations and Nationalism in World History
  • RES 37-134 Music in the United States
  • RES 37-164 Gender and Politics
  • RES 37-194 Feminist Philosophy
  • RES 37-204 Introduction to East Asian Art and Architecture
  • RES 37-224 Sacred Space, the Environment and Religion
  • RES 37-234 Introduction to Political Theory
  • RES 37-244 Environmental GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
  • RES 37-254 Sociology of Work
  • RES 37-274 Latin American Philosophy
  • RES 37-284 Art in China Since 1911
  • RES 37-314 Globalization: Contemporary World Societies
  • RES 37-334 Global Environmental Justice
  • RES 37-374 Painting a New World
  • RES 37-384 Demography (World Population Geography) and Urbanization
  • RES 37-424 Sick, Ill, and Twisted: Race, Sex, and Disability in the U.S.
  • RES 37-464 South African History
  • RES 37-474 Gender and Generation in Africa
  • RES 37-514 The Medieval “Spains”
  • RES 37-524 Muslims in Europe
  • RES 37-534 Postcolonial Literature
  • RES 37-544 Cultural Memory in Latin America
  • RES 37-564 Modern Political Theory
  • RES 37-614 Latin American Politics
  • RES 37-624 Introduction to Judaism
  • RES 37-634 Theatre for Social Change: Practice and Performance
  • RES 37-644 Gender, Race and Nationalism in Spanish Cinema

Additionally, there are other courses offered less regularly in a variety of departments that will fit this minor, some as special topics courses, some as particular content under a fixed course number that also carries other content. These will be cross-listed with the a Race and Ethnicity course using the official program name and number: RES37. Each semester a list of courses that satisfy the minor will be provided via Web Advisor.

To complete the minor, students will complete a final assessment administered by the Program Chair.