Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives


Majoring and Minoring

Major in Psychology:  40 credits minimum (56 maximum)

  • *PSY33-104 Principles of Psychology
  • PSY33-204 Research Methods I (F; prereq: MAT52-114 statictics)
  • PSY33-214 Research Methods II (S; must be taken with same professor)
  • Core courses:  at least three courses from the following:
    * PSY33-224 Developmental Psychology (F,S) or *PSY33-244 Lifespan Development
    * PSY33-234 Personality Theory and Research (S)
    PSY33-424 Abnormal Psychology (F)
    PSY33-464 Social Psychology (S)
    PSY33-544 Health Psychology (S)
  • Core courses:  at least two courses from the following:
    PSY33-434 Behavioral Neuroscience (S)                              PSY33-444 Cognitive Psychology (S)
    PSY33-454 Psychology of Learning (F)
  • Capstone:
    8 credits Internship (PSY948) (240 hours onsite; consent required; P/D/F)                                                                                            or                                                                                                  8 credits Research (usually 2 semesters; instructor consent required) PSY33-824 Research in Applied Psychology (Crockett)
    PSY33-834 Research in Behavioral Neuroscience (Guarraci)
    PSY33-844 Research in Clinical Psychology (Neighbors)
    PSY33-854 Research in Comparative Psychology (Purdy)
    PSY33-864 Research in Developmental/Cognitive Psychology (Muir-Broaddus)
    PSY33-874 Research in Social Psychology (Giuliano)
  • Electives:  PSY courses may be taken as optional electives up to a maximum of 56 total credits in Psychology.  Note: ANY course may be an elective after requirements are met.                             

*PSY33-254 Animal Behavior (also ANB09-254; S)              * PSY33-333 Educational Psychology (F; Education major/minors or  consent)
*PSY33-364 Exotic Sensory Systems (F)
*PSY33-374 Forensic Psychology (May term)
*PSY33-384 Human Sexuality (May term)
PSY33-954 Independent Study (instructor consent)
PSY33-984 Honors (departmental approval required)

* Courses that can be taken prior to completing Research Methods I

Additional requirements for the BS in Psychology are in the Catalog (p.21)

S = typically taught in Spring; F = typically taught in Fall

A minimum grade of C must be earned for a psychology course to serve as a prerequisite for a subsequent psychology course.

Minor in Psychology: (Not required for graduation)

  • PSY33-104 Principles of Psychology
  • Four additional upper-level courses in Psychology