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For Current Students: Psi Chi: Benefits of Membership

Why Become a Member of Psi Chi?

Psi Chi regularly participates in important projects and activities, including:

  • Sponsoring student preparatory workshops for applying to graduate school
  • Practice sessions for taking the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
  • Sponsoring student research presentations and attendance at professional meetings
  • Various social activities

Though psychology students who are not Psi Chi members are welcome to attend these activities as well, the following list identifies many advantages of being a Psi Chi member:

  • Recognition for outstanding academic performance.
  • Permanent record of achievement which will be beneficial on applications and resumes.
  • Additional educational opportunities and activities.
  • One-on-one relationships with professors who can stimulate interest in psychology and write letters of recommendation.
  • Interaction with other students with similar interests.
  • Leadership development.
  • Opportunity to be of service to the college/department sponsoring Psi Chi.
  • Opportunities for members to attend conventions held annually and participate and meet leading psychologists and other students.
  • Opportunities to enter research papers in the national organization's undergraduate and graduate research competitions.
  • The intrinsic honor of achieving membership in the national honor society in one's chosen field.
  • Tangible assets include a membership certificate and card.
  • The Psi Chi Newsletter (which recognizes members as well as informs) is provided to the chapters free of charge for each active member.
  • Membership in Psi Chi meets one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in numerous professional and technical occupations in the United States Government.
  • Psi Chi provides a forum for obtaining information about, and developing perspectives in, the field of psychology and opportunities available to students.
  • Membership is for life. The registration fee is the only payment ever made to the national organization which preserves the membership records and verifies memberships.
  • Through their affiliation with Psi Chi, members feel a community with others in psychology--and gain identification of one's self with the larger field of psychology.