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Political Science


Spring 2013

  • Senior political science and international studies major Katherine Tanner has received a Rotary Global Grant that will enable her to study in London next year. She plans to earn a master’s degree in geopolitics and security fromRoyal Holloway, which is part of the University of London. Read more here.

  • Shannon Mariotti, associate professor of political science, was invited to Rollins College to give a talk as part of a conceptual lecture series called “The Heist: Community, Identity, and Meaning in the New Millenium” sponsored by the African and Aftrican-American Studies program. Mariotti’s April 16 presentation was the final event in the series and was devoted to the theme of “The Witness.” She presented a paper that read the novelist Marilynne Robinson through the lens of political theory to show how both storytelling and political theorizing can perform the act of “witnessing” the “crimes” of conventional society, with a focus on exclusionary gender norms and racial injustices.

  • Eric Selbin, professor of political science and University Scholar, presented a paper at the recent International Studies Association meeting titled “‘Becoming’ IR: The Implications of a Storied IR” and also was a participant in a roundtable titled “Inquiry as Invention: Telling Stories in International Politics.” Selbin also co-chaired the annual meeting of the Editorial Board of Rowman & Littlefield’s book series New Millennium Books in International Studies which he co-edits.

  • Alisa Gaunder, associate professor of political science, was the panel discussant for “Comparative Issues” and the panel chair for “Undergraduate Research:  Ethnic Issues and International Relations” at the Southwestern Political Science Association Meeting in New Orleans March 28-30.

  • Shannon Mariotti, associate professor of political science, presented a paper titled “The Housekeeper of Homelessness: The Democratic Ethos of Marilynne Robinson’s Novels and Essays” at the Western Political Science Association conference in Hollywood, Calif., March 29.

  • Political science major Ben Bracher is presenting a paper based on his honors thesis at the annual meeting of the Southwest Political Science Conference in New Orleans March 27-30. The title of his paper is “The Economic Rise of Japan and China: is China following in Japan’s footsteps?”

  • Alisa Gaunder, associate professor of political science, had a 150-entry annotated bibliography on the “Politics of Japan” accepted for publication by Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science, which was edited by Rich Valelly and is being published this spring by Oxford University Press. Ben Bracher, a senior political science major, provided significant research assistance on the project last summer as part of a Southwestern University faculty-student research grant.

  • Tim O’Neill, professor of political science and holder of the Tower-Hester Chair in Politics, had his review of Cardonnel, et al (eds), Constitutionalising [sic] The EU Judiciary System, published in the Law and Politics Review, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 30-33 (January 2013).