Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives



Fall 2016

  • Part-Time Assistant Professor of Philosophy Linda Cox presented on “Ethical Approaches to Women’s Incarceration” at an Austin Community College Philosophy Forum on Nov. 2, 2016.

Spring 2016

  • Professor of Philosophy Phil Hopkins’ chapter …As He Says in His Poetical Way: Empedocles and Anaxagoras on the Motive Forces of the Kosmos will appear in a new Companion to Ancient Philosophy, edited by Sean Kirkland and Eric Sanday which is under contract at Northwestern University Press. The volume gathers essays from international scholars and focuses thematically on the concept of “companionship,” offering new continental interpretations of ancient Greek texts.

Fall 2015

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy Michael Bray’s article, “Rearticulating Contemporary Populism: Class, State, and Neoliberal Society” appears in the most recent issue of the journal “Historical Materialism” (23:3). Bray will present a paper, “What if ‘the Party’ is Populist? - Thoughts on Parliamentary Cretinism and Socialist Strategy,” at the Historical Materialism conference in London in November. 

Spring 2015

  • Phil Hopkins, professor of philosophy, published a book, “Mass Moralizing: Marketing and Moral Storytelling,” with Lexington Books (an academic imprint of Rowman & Littlefield) in March.