Keyboard Proficiency Exam

All music major degree plans, whether leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music degree, require passage of a keyboard proficiency examination. These are usually administered as part of a music performance jury at the end of a semester.

Specific skills and elements that a student must demonstrate in order to pass the exam vary according to the principal area of study, and the chosen degree plan and concentration. Certain degree plans, most notably the Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education and the Bachelor of Music in Keyboard Performance, have more extensive requirements. Successful completion of the exam is recorded through the filing of a Special Report Card with the Registrar’s Office.

Since keyboard study is expected of all music majors whatever their planned concentration, prospective music majors for whom piano is not their principal performing area are strongly advised to begin keyboard study prior to arrival at Southwestern.

Up-to-date information about the Keyboard Proficiency Examination may be obtained from the head of the keyboard area, Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa.