Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

Math & Computer Science

From developing an immersive 3D virtual reality game to teach students languages, to creating mathematical models to better understand and improve the campus handicap accessibility routes, to evolving molecules through computer simulations to have specific chemical properties, our students learn to apply theory to real world issues in creative and interdisciplinary ways.

Along the way, they develop concise and logical patterns of thinking, hone problem-solving skills and learn critical thought processes that carry them throughout life.

Department News

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    Computer Science major Kathyrn Reagan comments on the value of being a Community-Engaged Learning Teaching Assistant, a role which led to her current research in Computer Science with Dr. Barbara Anthony.
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    Stephen Foster wants to live in a world where everyone knows how to code. “I think coding should be part of kids’ basic literacy,” says the 2009 Southwestern graduate.
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    Growing number of faculty members are using a new teaching technique, including President and Math Professor Ed Burger, and Math Professor Alison Marr.

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