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Bertrand Mao’s Harmony of Brush and Ink Available on Kindle


This is a beautiful book of original calligraphy and painting works, with excellent explanations of calligraphy terminology and history by one of the prominent shufa calligraphers in the US today.  

Please find his eBook Harmony of Brush and Ink on Amazon’s Kindle website. It is available for the Kindle Reader as well as for Kindle applications that run on Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.  Over 70 images of Bertrand Mao’s paintings and calligraphy are included.  For a print copy of the book, please visit Bertrand Mao’s website.


7th International Calligraphy Education Conference, Beijing

Recently held in June 2010 in Beijing, China, the 7th International Calligraphy Education Conference featured prominent keynote speakers and participants.  ASSCE co-sponsored the event with participants from the U.S., Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea.  Photos below show US board members and participants.

Beijing Conference       Beijing Conference 2

Website Announcement and Policies

This page inaugurates a new url and sponsor for the ASSCE newsletter. Southwestern University will sponsor the website, which will be updated four times per year. This homepage will serve to post the most essential information. Detailed descriptions and photos will be posted at other websites which may be linked from this page. Please contact Webmaster with comments, suggestions or contributions; Carl Robertson  


Originally established as a special interest group of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (, ASSCE promotes international efforts at shufa calligraphy education. 

“Shufa” (“writing methods”) is the Chinese term for which “calligraphy” is the nearest but inexact equivalent.  Shufa is the traditional means of writing characters by brush and ink which comprises the standard for Chinese letterforms (or the equivalent).  All standards for forms and styles originate from the specific hand of known masters, in contrast to Roman-letter calligraphy for which the standard derives from ancient Roman inscriptions.   

More Photos

The two photos on the left directly below come from the 7th Beijing Conference.   The one on the right is a gallery of student works held at Naropa University.  Submitted by Harrison Tu-Xin Shi, President of ASSCE. 

    B  202B                       B 340  

     B 244