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Inquiry Initiative

About Us

The Inquiry Initiative is transforming science and math at Southwestern University. Faculty throughout the Natural Sciences are incorporating the process of inquiry into introductory classes and laboratories, and a new cadre of specially-trained peer mentors, the SCI Guides, will help students maximize their learning and critical thinking skills. Learning through discovery will continue for students who conduct research with faculty mentors in SCOPE, the Inquiry Initiative’s summer research program. Through intentional, evidence-based practices, we are building an even stronger and more successful scientific community here at Southwestern University. The Inquiry Initiative supports Southwestern’s Natural Sciences in generating a creative, accomplished, and diverse pool of Southwestern student scientists.

inquiry + inclusion

The Inquiry Initiative is dedicated to equal opportunity and creating an inclusive learning environment in the science and math programs at Southwestern. We are eager to celebrate all students’ accomplishments and to promote student success with an understanding of the importance of diversity in the science classroom and the greater science community.


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