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Feminist Studies

About the Program

The Feminist Studies curriculum exposes students to the large (and ever-growing) body of knowledge that makes up the broad category of feminist and gender studies, combining feminist theory with analyses of feminist activism, identifications, and practices.

Part of this project involves revising the findings of traditional disciplines to include knowledges generated through a variety of feminist methodologies.

Our faculty represents a rich collection of the various areas of study at Southwestern, including members of the History, Sociology, Religion, and Philosophy Departments, among others, as well as those with a dedicated focus in Feminist Studies. This truly interdisciplinary approach creates an environment where students are encouraged to ask questions about the production of knowledge and to recognize how similar questions are framed differently within different disciplines. The diversity of our faculty’s intellectual backgrounds, academic practices, and theoretical frameworks means that students are able to receive highly-focused expertise within a broad range of subject matter.

The Feminist Studies major and minor are for students whose academic passions and professional interests could benefit from an interdisciplinary approach.  Many FST students obtain double or paired majors in more traditional disciplines, such as English or Anthropology; FST minors may be combined with any major, and are an excellent choice for those students interested in incorporating feminist frameworks into their other academic ventures.

Students with an academic focus in feminist theories and methodologies are well prepared to succeed in a variety of fields, including non-profit and social services, law, journalism, theology, public policy, health care, cultural studies, education, and numerous other traditional disciplines within the academy.