Max Taub

Professor of Biology

Areas of expertise
I am a Plant Ecological Physiologist focusing on the responses of plants to environmental change


PhD, Stony Brook University 1997
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1989

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher I aim to: - Improve students understanding of the structure, functioning, life histories and diversity of organisms. - Develop their ability to read carefully, to think clearly and logically, to analyze and assess information and to synthesize information from a variety of sources. - Develop students personal perception of the living environment that surrounds them. - Develop their ability to communicate clearly in writing.

Previous Courses

Botany, Global Change Biology, Genetics and Evolution, Methods in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Currently I am studying the effects of rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide on various aspects of plant function. I am particularly interested in effects on the quality of food, including concentrations of protein and minerals.


Selected Publications:

* Southwestern undergraduate co-author

Taub, Daniel. R. and *Page, Joshua (2013). Cystic Fibrosis: Exploration of evolutionary explanations for the high frequency of a common genetic disorder. Genetics Society of America Peer-reviewed Education Portal.

Taub, Daniel R. and Wang, Xianzhong (2013). Effects of carbon dioxide enrichment on plants. In Pielke, R. Editor-in-Chief, Climate Vulnerability. Academic Press: San Diego, ISBN 978012384703.


Taub, Daniel R. and *Graham, Gillian (2011). Global Temperature Change in the 21st Century. Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, Volume 7


Taub, D.R.  (2010) Effects of Rising Atmospheric Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide on Plants. Nature Education Knowledge 1(8):21

Taub, Daniel R. and Wang, Xianzhong (2008) Why are Nitrogen Concentrations in Plant Tissues Lower under Elevated CO2? A Critical Examination of the Hypotheses. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology  50 (11): 1365-1374.

Taub, Daniel R.; *Miller, Brian and *Allen, Holly (2008). Effects of elevated CO2 on the protein concentration of food crops: a meta-analysis. Global Change Biology 14: 565-575.

Taub, D.R. (2002). Analysis of interspecific variation in plant growth responses to nitrogen Canadian Journal of Botany, 80: 34-41.

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Taub, D.R. (2000) Climate and the U.S. distribution of C4 grass subfamilies and decarboxylation variants of C4 photosynthesis. American Journal of Botany, 87: 1211-1215.
Taub, Daniel R. and Lerdau, Manuel (2000).  Relationship between leaf nitrogen and photosynthetic rate for three NAD-ME and three NADP-ME C4 grasses.  American Journal of Botany, 87: 412-417.