Math & Computer Science

Fumiko Futamura

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Areas of expertise
Frame theory, operator theory, matrix theory, projective geometry, art and mathematics

Mathematics is the most elusive of all the arts. It took 8 years of serious study to even begin to understand the medium and begin to work with it in a creative way. Math is art. I wouldn't be a mathematician otherwise.


MS, PhD, Vanderbilt University 2007
BA, University of Louisville 2002

Teaching Philosophy

Engage and empower students. Guide them to discover the beauty and awesomeness of mathematics.

Previous Courses

First Year Seminar: Hidden Perspectives, Mathematics in Art and Art in Mathematics // London semester course: Mathematical Influences in Art // London semester course: Victorian Society and Mathematics in Wonderland and Flatland // Elementary Function Theory // Introduction to Statistics // Calculus I // Calculus II // Linear Algebra // Real Analysis I // Real Analysis II // Projective Geometry // Frame Theory // Independent study: Signal Processing // Independent study: Relationships between Projective Geometry, Perspective Drawing, Philosophy and Religion // Independent study: Mathematical background for an iphone app: projective geometry and music // Independent study: Mathematics of Alice in Wonderland


R. Denman, F. Futamura, K.C. Richards, On Sharp Frame DiagonalizationLinear Algebra Appl., 438 no. 5, (2013) 2210-2224.

F. Futamura, Frame Diagonalization of Matrices, Lin. Algebra Appl., 436 no. 9 (2012) 3201-3214.

F. Futamura, Localizable Operators and the Construction of Localized Frames, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 137 (2009) 4187-4197.

F. Futamura, Symmetrically localized frames and the removal of subsets of positive density, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 326 no. 2, (2007) 1225--1235. 

F. Futamura, Banach framed, decay in the context of localization, Sampl. Theory Signal Image Process., 6 no. 2, (2007) 151--166.


Self-Portraits as Other People's Preconceptions, 2006
    installation of eight paintings, oil on canvas, 60 in X 36 in
    Evoke/Invoke/Provoke, A Multimedia Project of Discovery,
    directed by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman.   
    Cohen Building, Peabody Campus, Vanderbilt University.

Honors & Awards

NSF TUES Grant, $69,432, 2012
National Science Foundation (NSF) Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science (TUES) grant, Projective Geometry Applied to Perspective Art, to write, test and evaluate a textbook on projective geometry that motivates and applies the material to perspective drawing.

AIBL Small Grant, $4000, 2011
Grant to create an inquiry based learning math and art course, Educational Advancement Foundation

Faculty-Student Project Research Grant, $7590, 2009
Internal grant to do research with a student for 8 weeks, Southwestern University

Brown Innovations in Teaching Award, $5000, 2008
Internal grant to organize a departmental pedagogical seminar, Southwestern University

B.F. Bryant Prize for Excellence in Teaching, 2007
Graduate teaching award, Vanderbilt University


Painting, piano, books, food, social justice, contemporary art, ridiculousness, crochet