Modern Languages & Literatures - Spanish

Carlos De Oro

Associate Professor of Spanish

Areas of expertise

Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture

Carlos de Oro, holds a Ph.D. in Romance Studies from the University of Miami, Florida, and an M.A. on Latin American and Peninsular Literature and Culture from the University of Arkansas. He received his BA in Linguistics and Modern Languages at the Universidad del Atlantico in Barranquilla, Colombia. His research agenda includes Latin American film, literatures and cultures. Carlos is interested in the analysis of social, political, and cultural discourses and representations, (both dominant and dissenting) that are centered on the discussion of a nation and a national identity. Right now, he is focused on Colombia in order to explore modes of representation that are recurrent in texts from different disciplines (Literature, Film, and Cultural Studies) produced within the unstable economic and socio-political context of the Colombian nation. Additional research interests include the analysis of Gender, Class and Race representations in Contemporary Latin American Literature and Film. In addition to his scholarly interests, Carlos enjoys traveling, reading, going to the movies, and visiting his family.


PhD, University of Miami 2006


Associate Professor of Spanish
Southwestern University
August 01, 2006 - present

Teaching Philosophy

All of my courses combine foreign language acquisition with abilities to think critically. At the same time they reinforce multi-cultural perspectives as a way to promote social justice and respect. I help my students build up the foundations that they will need in order to be able to communicate and express their thoughts in a second language. I facilitate knowledge of various cultural aspects that prepare students for a richer interaction with the outside world. I identify methods and resources which create opportunities for interaction, both between students and professor and among the students themselves (collaborative learning).

Previous Courses

Spanish I, II, III, and IV; Topics in Hispanic Film; Paideia; Contemporary Latin American Literature; Research Seminar for Seniors; Introduction to Literary Studies; Special Topics; Latin American Literature: Pre-colonial to Romanticism; Honors; Study abroad courses

Seminars & Presentations

Ciudadanía peligrosa. 2011 RMMLA Convention.  Arizona State University, Scottsdale, Arizona, October 6-8, 2011.


La nación en sus márgenes: La pasión de Gabriel y su representación fílmica de la ciudadanía y las prácticas estatales. XVII Conference of the Association of Colombianists: Narrar Colombia, Colombia Narrada,Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, August 3-6, 2011.


Cine, nación y representaciones de género en el Caribe colombiano. 6th International Symposium of the Center for Caribbean Studies in Brazil: Territoriality and Afro-Caribbean influences in the Americas, Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil, November 3-6, 2010.


El último carnaval y su construcción del género.2010 RMMLA Convention.  University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 13-16, 2010.


Las paradojas de la preservación de las tradiciones del carnaval de Barranquilla en medio del mercantilismo, la globalización y el desarrollo cultural. IX Seminario Internacional de Estudios del Caribe: Naciones, poder y cultura del Caribe. Universidad de Cartagena, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, August 3-7, 2009.


Leyendo el carnaval: una mirada desde Barranquilla. Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies.  Las Vegas, Nevada, November 7-8, 2008.


Tradición y Modernidad: El carnaval de Barranquilla y su respuesta a la globalización y el mercantilismo. 5th International Symposium of the Centre for Caribbean Studies in Brazil (CECAB): Frontiers and Cultures in Motion: Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean.  Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, September 30-October 3, 2008.


La imagen del sujeto transgresor y su contribución en la representación literaria de la crisis de la nación. Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies.  Peoples and Posibilitéis Conference. Claremont, California, November 2-3, 2007.


Disfrázate como quieras y su construcción literaria de un Estado colombiano disfuncional y de una nación contemporánea en crisis. 15th Conference of the Association of Colombianists: Independencia e Independencias. Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, Colombia, August 1-4, 2007. 


Violence in Colombia: Disfrázate como quieras and its Literary Construction of a dysfunctional State and a Contemporary Nation in Crisis.  The image of Violence Conference: Society for the interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery.  Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 8-10, 2007.






Groups & Affiliations

Member, Asociación de Colombianistas.

Member RMMLA, Rocky Mountains Modern Language Association

Member CECAB, Centre for Caribbean Studies in Brazil

Member, MLA, Modern Language Association.