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Environmental Studies

Program Notables

Fall 2014

  • Clifton Cottrell JD will be joining us as an Adjunct in Environmental Studies for Fall 2014. He will teach two sections of Intro to Environmental Studies. He has a diverse background from law school to urban planner to park ranger.

Spring 2014

  • Senior Sarah Puffer presented a paper titled “A Rosy Thorn: The Import and Export of Meaning in the Ecuadorian Floriculture” at the Latin American Studies Symposium held April 11-13 in Birmingham, Ala.

  • Josh Long, assistant professor of environmental studies, presented a paper at the Association of American Geographers conference that was held in Tampa, Fla., April 8-12. His paper was titled “Smart Growth and the Neoliberal Sustainability Narrative: The Case of Austin.”

  • Laura Hobgood-Oster, professor of religion and environmental studies, participated in a HuffPost Live discussion on zoo animal ethics Feb. 17. Watch the webcast here.

  • Rebecca Edwards, part-time assistant professor of physics, presented a poster titled “Modification of local roughness length by advancing storm surge in landfalling tropical cyclones” at the 2014 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 2-6. The poster resulted from work done with students Ross Warkentin and Steven Resnik as part of the SCOPE undergraduate research program during the summer of 2013.

  • Hobgood-Oster and Josh Long, assistant professor of environmental studies, are part of a team that received $10,000 to develop a digital library of materials related to food and the environment. Their collaborators on the project include faculty members from Centre, Furman, Sewanee, Washington and Lee University, and Trinity.

Fall 2013

  • Anwar Sounny-Slitine, instructor of environmental studies and GIS lab manager, co-authored an article titled “A new longitudinal approach to assess hydrologic connectivity: Embanked floodplain inundation along the lower Mississippi River” that was published in a recent issue of the journal Hydrological Processes. The article looked at hydrologic connectivity in the lower Mississippi floodplain. Read more here

  • Max Taub, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, authored the chapter “Effects of carbon dioxide enrichment on plants” in the book Climate Variability, edited by Roger A. Pielke.

  • Josh Long, M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine, and the 2012 Capstone students authored the article titled “Toward an applied methodology for price comparison studies of farmers’ markets and competing retailers at the local scale”  published in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. The article was based on research conducted by students in the 2012 Senior Environmental Studies Capstone course.

  • Romi Burks, Professor of Biology and Co-Chair of Environmental Studies and Animal Behavior, is serving as a senior mentor at the Women Evolving the Biological Sciences Symposium being held in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., Oct. 16-19.

  • Josh Long, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, co-authored the article Toward Sustainable Educational Travel” that appeared in a recent issue of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. He also co-authored the article “A Broad Spectrum: Sustainability in Educational Travel” that appeared in a recent issue of the Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

  • Kira McEntire, ’13, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Studies with a minor in Studio Art, is attending graduate school at the University of Georgia.

Spring 2013

  • Josh Long, assistant professor of environmental studies, presented a paper titled “Teaching Sustainable Food & Agriculture at the Undergraduate Level” at the 2013 Association of American Geographers Conference in Los Angeles April 12.

  • Senior Kira McEntire will have a ceramic piece titled “Diatom Vase” on display at the Art of the Republic of Science exhibition, which is being held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science at Schreiner University Feb. 28-March 2. McEntire is a biology and environmental studies major and is minoring in art.

Fall 2012

  • Senior biology and environmental studies major Kira McEntire gave several presentations over the summer. She gave an oral presentation at the EuryceAlliance meeting held May 25 at Texas State University, a poster presentation at the Ecological Society of America meeting Aug. 5-10 in Portland, Ore., and a poster presentation at the World Congress of Herpetology meeting Aug. 9-13 in Vancouver, Canada. Ben Pierce, professor of biology, presented the poster with her at the meeting in Vancouver.

Spring 2012